Equipping Catholic Families…for September Feast Days!

We’ve put together a quick summary of Catholic Crafts for September Saints and the Monthly Devotion of The Seven Sorrows of Mary…along with various Catholic Crafts and Saint Calendar kits to ease our way Back to School!


Up here in Canada, we are just getting Back to School…so we’re launching a Back to School Special (code: backtoschool2018 ) in the Arma Dei Shoppe to cheer that up!

Feast Day Fun

Key Feast Days in September:

Monthly Devotion for September:

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

In this difficult time, many of us are struggling with how to respond to the horrific scandals and betrayals within our Catholic Church. With the Monthly Devotion of the Seven Sorrows of Mary for September, it seems an opportune time to ramp up our prayers, sacrifices and fasting. It’s not too late to join our efforts in this 40 day campaign #sackclothandashes. We pray for the many, many victims of abuse by priests and those further victimized by the Church officials who covered up these crimes.

September: Seven Sorrows of Mary

Immaculate Heart of Mary crafts


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BACK to SCHOOL Crafts and Planning

Season of the Liturgical Calendar: Ordinary Time

The Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit is packed with innovative, kid-magnet illustrations and crafts to help kids say the Rosary! It includes lace-up booklets and our innovative revolving rosary…all packed with our original Kelly Saints artwork!


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  1. Ann, I am emailing a link to your email (never shoulda answered me!) and hope you will read this post and comment. I”m not sitting here dissing Catholics. At the end of my father-in-law”s life, I consulted with friends, got him a lovely rosary and learned a bit about the ritual prayers he seemed to want to return to after years of being out of practice. It made him very happy to hold that clutch of beads and crucifix in his hand and fiddle with the beads. I kept the rosary and still have parts of itit finally broke and I lost most of the beads, but I just left them where they lay sometimes. I called it letting Christ off the cross. The photos of the baby touched me. I”d never seen so lovely a reminder of why being a woman able to create and produce a child is the most amazing thing in this world. http://wasabimon.com/

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