Equipping Catholic Families with Advent Crafts and Family Traditions

The Novena for Christ the King begins on Friday November 16th! We’ve got a craft for that!

Easy as Abacus Divine Mercy plus Christ the King Novena

November 25th is the Feast of Christ the King…the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year, which means that Advent will be here very soon! It’s time to dust off the Advent Candles (make sure we have them!) and the Jesse Tree ornaments and the Advent Calendar!

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Catholic Deals & Steals

About twice a year, we email all those who have purchased our Catholic Craft Kits, Books or Quizzing Cards to tell you about our latest Catholic Resources at Equipping Catholic Families….and a few awesome Catholic Deal$ that are just too good not to share!

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Catholic Mom Bundle Advent 2018

This year, there are even MORE workbooks, printables, and eBooks in the Catholic Mom Bundle

and purchased separately, these 20 Catholic Resources would cost $246.

But for 5 days we’re selling all of these products as a bundle for only $25.

I’ve sifted through all 20 resources and my favorite SIX resources in the Bundle that I know I could dive right into this Advent are:

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Prayer Transcripts: A New Kind of Prayer Journal!

How easy is it to forget the moments of Grace we’ve received in the past when the present flurry of activity and concerns are pressing in. The truth is that I have recorded these moments of grace, these soft and reassuring, concise and emboldening messages gently placed in my heart. They’re all carefully transcribed in various prayer journals. Each prayer journal was diligently filled over time

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Equipping Catholic Families for November Saints!

Equipping Catholic Families for November Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

Hey, are you ready for the NEW Liturgical Calendar starting December 3rd?

We’ve got the NEW 2018-2019 Wall Calendar for Every Day Catholics and it includes November and December of 2018 plus all of 2019, illustrated with our unique Super Saints for Feast Days and Monthly Devotions plus a couple bonus templates for Catholic lists and logs!

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Last Minute Saints Crafts and Deco!

Has All Saints Day snuck up on you this year? I’ve put together some easy last minute crafts you can put together without even leaving your house! These crafts use templates from our Saints Craft Kits in our Arma Dei shoppe. You can print out a couple copies at home and even laminate them for use next year and forever!

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Top 20 Saints Books

These are the 20 Saints Books I pulled from my shelves. I love the Saints and I find that this collection of books has helped my whole family delve into the lives of the Saints, satisfy our research projects on the saints, choose our own patron saints and foster the love and devotion we have for them.

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Book Review: Cloud of Witnesses

This is a beautiful board book to introduce your little one to the Saints! I received a copy in exchange for my honest review, but you can pick up your own copy for your child or Godchild through TAN.

I really like the simple and colorful illustrations of the Saints by Meg Whalen and that the text about each saint focuses on a simple and profound quote expressing one of the key teachings of each saint. The durable board book format will not be easily worn and the adorable illustrations will help catch the attention of your little one at Mass or quiet time reading before bed.

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Equipping Catholic Families for All Saints!

5 Mysteries of Mercy

The Mysteries of the Rosary offer intense events within the lives of Jesus and Mary for focus and contemplation while we recite the prayers of each decade of the Rosary. While the Chaplet of Divine Mercy is considerably shorter, I started wishing there were associated Mysteries of Mercy to contemplate during each decade of prayers.  In Scripture, we see Jesus model His Mercy as He interacts with the people and preaches to them. I did search online for Mysteries of Mercy, but only after I tried my best to extrapolate them for myself from Jesus’ Public Ministry.

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