Sock Baby Jesus

Sock Baby Jesus The other day, I collected a couple awesome craft ideas for our Snow Day. I love making Catholic treasures especially with things we already have in the house!

The Sock Baby Jesus was originally posted by Lacy at Catholic Icing.

I decided to give it a try.  I happened to have all the materials on hand and it was very easy to make!



Our Sock Baby Jesus has been like a magnet for our kids, especially Adam. He keeps putting Baby Jesus to bed, covering him with little blankets and singing to him.



Sock Baby Jesus tutorial

We easily found the materials we needed:  a loner white sock (actually an anklet sock, but it worked out ok!), 2 elastics, some pillow stuffing, a scrap of blue fleece and a light colored Sharpie marker.

1. We stuffed the sock with the pillow stuffing and tied an elastic at the end, leaving as much of the ‘ankle’ of the sock left over.

2. We secured another elastic at the neck to make a nice round head.

3. We folded the remaining ‘ankle’ part of the sock back over the head like a baby hat.

4. We wrapped the little blue fleece blanket around the baby…as close as we could remember to the way we wrapped our babies. (I never could do that as neatly as the nurses!).

5. We tucked the remaining end of the blue blanket at the back of the neck.

6. We drew the sleeping eyes and little smiley mouth with a Sharpie marker

…and Voilà! Baby Jesus!

Sock Baby Jesus cuddle

But where can Sock Baby Jesus sleep?

Clementine Box Crib We wanted to build a proper little crib for Sock Baby Jesus…as simply as possible and once again… with materials on hand.  I was delighted to remember that we had just emptied another little wooden crate of clementines (I love when they are in season!)…and I have always wondered what craft I could make with these cute little wooden boxes.

Perfect fit!

I took some material I had on hand and wrapped it around the box, experimenting with where the folds should be to make a nice cushy bed.  No glue, no tape, no pins, no staples.

Wood Crate Crib  I had some other scraps of fleece. They weren’t very big, but they make great little blankets.  I cut a fringe on the yellowish piece and I think it looks a little like straw (but soft and fluffy!)


Clementine Box Crib and Sock Baby Jesus

OK, so I know that Christmas has come and gone…but the Baby Jesus is still a newborn in this house!  It has been so fun to see Adam playing with the little Sock Baby Jesus!

I think we’ll keep him around for a while, or at least until the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus on February 2nd!

…and watch when we bring him back out for Advent next year!


  1. I am bookmarking this for next Advent. My grandchildren will love it! But I really don’t know if I can wait that long. 🙂

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