Catholic Crafts for JULY Saints Days

We’ve put together a quick summary of Catholic Crafts for July Saints and the Monthly Devotion of The Precious Blood of Jesus.

A video about the #1 Most Impressive Eucharistic Miracle by Fr. Mark Goring

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Get to know the SAINTS this summer!

Summer is closing in! Want to spend the SUMMER getting to know the Saints better?

We’ve got craft kits for that! 64 Saints are presented across our three Saint Scripts Craft Kits with full color postcards, short bios and quick facts, along with black and white templates for DIY research projects, Saint Albums, quizzing games and art projects!

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Doodling Saints this Summer

Doodling with the Saints!

Build your family’s Communion of Saints with this new simple Saint stamp in the shop! Embellish each figure with the traits, symbols and clothing of your favorite saints, and see if others can guess who they are!

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9 Unique Catholic Gifts you can Print, Customize and Give!

Looking for last minute, meaningful Catholic gifts? All of our Catholic Craft Kit PDFs come with permission to copy for personal use and that means you can print and assemble them for beautiful custom, handmade gifts for your close family and friends!

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Advent is SHORT this year!

Advent will start on December 3rd and Christmas Eve is the 4th Sunday of Advent, so the season of Advent is as short as it can be!

Do you have your Advent Candles yet? Amazon Affiliate link: here

With Advent approaching, it’s time to introduce the Advent Catholic Mom Bundle, packed with print-and-go resources to make it easy to live liturgically this year!

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Jesse Tree / O Antiphon Calendar 2023

…because the first Sunday of Advent falls between November 27th-December 3rd, the official Advent Calendar can look different every year (for 7 years!)
This year, Advent begins on December 3rd, so it’s the shortest Advent possible. The last Sunday of Advent is also Christmas Eve!

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November Saints Days

Equipping Catholic Families for November Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days, and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

 Hey, are you ready for the NEW Liturgical Calendar starting December 1st?

We’ve got the NEW 2023-2024 Wall Calendar for Every Day Catholics and it actually started September 1st, so it has all of upcoming Advent, plus all of 2024, illustrated with our unique Super Saints for Feast Days and Monthly Devotions plus a couple bonus templates for Catholic lists and logs! Each month has illustrated Saints Days, Solemnities and Monthly Devotions, fasting Fridays and classic monthly prayers!

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Reconciliation Refresher Craft Kit (Ages 7-99)

Has it been 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years or 20 years since your last confession?

We’ve got a NEW Craft Kit for that!

Whether it’s been a while and you’re wondering if you remember what to say in the confessional…or if you just went to reconciliation last week but suspect you need to go again, for the exact same sins, we’ve got a new Catholic printable to help you return to this most precious Sacrament!

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what the kids don’t want to talk about

Sorry to be such a downer, but our friends in the States are already getting ready for back to school! Up here in Canada, we’ve still got the month of August, but we may already be experiencing a little of the dread at the thought of the returning school routine. How can we make it a little more fun?

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Catholic Homeschool Week

On July 17- 21st, our friend Paola Ciskanik is hosting the 2nd Annual Catholic Homeschool Week long celebrations.
Meet us and over 8500+ fellow Catholic families from all over the world.

There will be talks by Kimberly Hahn, Pam Barnhill, Andrew Pudewa, Laura Berquist, Father Spitzer and more…

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