May Saints, Devotions, Crafts and Family Traditions

Join us to celebrate May Saints, the Monthly Devotion dedicated to Our Blessed Mother Mary and the continued joyful season of Easter! Do you see something you like? Click on the pictures and/or links for easy crafts and already-formatted Catholic Craft Kits that come with permission to copy for home use, year after year!

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Last Minute LENT Print-and-Pray Craft Kits

Have you thought of what you’d like to do for Lent this year?

Giving up something, adding a prayerful devotion, donating money or time for the needs of the poor?

Here are a couple links to print-and-pray craft kits that are EASY to adopt for a prayerFULL LENT, even if it’s totally LAST MINUTE!

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7 Days ’til LENT and a plan for Valentine’s Eve!

Just a week away from Lent, and you’ve probably heard the dilemma…
Ash Wednesday falls on the SAME day as Saint Valentine’s Day.

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday is always the last day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. There is a tradition of going to confession on this day, in preparation for Lent. This particular Tuesday is tied with the celebration of Mardi Gras, representing the last day of feasting and fun before Lent. Practically, it was a good time to finish up all the food that would be forbidden during Lent.

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Prompt Me to Pray through LENT

Prompt Me to Pray through Lent features 47 digitalĀ Snapshot Illustrated Prompts!

Journey with Jesus through His Public Ministry, reflecting on scriptural accounts of the events, teaching, miracles, healings, and His Passion as Prompts to Pray and grow in virtue throughout our Lenten Resolutions!

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Lent Crafts

Looking for crafts to do at home, with what you have on hand?

We sifted through our archives and these are the simplest crafts we found for Lent!

Good Deed Bead Bracelets with pony beads and pipe cleaners make an easy bracelet with a built-in prayer or sacrifice counter! 10 beads make a decade, space an additional 5 for the five decades and wear the bracelet all Lent with renewed dedication to the Rosary!

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January Saints and Pray More in 2024

Equipping Catholic Families for January 2024 Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

  • Prompt Me to Pray through the 12 Days of Christmas PDF is PACKED with prayers and prayer prompts to tap into all the wonderful gifts God has given us within our Faith! It has simple summaries and excellent prompts to pray: to pray with gratitude, to foster the virtues and gifts already infused into us at Baptism, and to help us appreciate all God’s Grace and Tools He freely offers to us, as we pursue holiness.

Key Feast Days in January:

He’s still a little BABY! Sock Baby Jesus can still hang around in his crib as we bask in the Baptism of the Lord (January 8) and await the Presentation of the Lord on February 2nd.

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9 Unique Catholic Gifts you can Print, Customize and Give!

Looking for last minute, meaningful Catholic gifts? All of our Catholic Craft Kit PDFs come with permission to copy for personal use and that means you can print and assemble them for beautiful custom, handmade gifts for your close family and friends!

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Catholic Crafts for JULY

We’ve put together a quick summary of Catholic Crafts for July Saints and the Monthly Devotion of The Precious Blood of Jesus.

A video about the #1 Most Impressive Eucharistic Miracle by Fr. Mark Goring

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Saints Crafts for Summer!

Summer is closing in! Want to spend the SUMMER getting to know the Saints better?

We’ve got craft kits for that! 64 Saints are presented across our three Saint Scripts Craft Kits with full color postcards, short bios and quick facts, along with black and white templates for DIY research projects, Saint Albums, quizzing games and art projects!

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We recently renovated our online Arma Dei Catholic Shop with new formatting, and helpful buttons offering shortcuts to carefully-curated products according to Season of the Liturgical Calendar, Sacraments, Saints, Catechism, Prayer, and Prayer Journal Stamps!

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