We WON The Catholic Best Prayer Book Vote

We are so excited to announce that we WON the Catholic Best Prayer Book 2024!

It is such an honor to be mentioned in the same list as Fr. Jacques Philippe, Brother Lawrence, and Fr. Alphonsus Liguori!

a HUGE THANK YOU to all those of you who took the time to vote for Prompt Me to Pray!
We are so encouraged by this WIN and it’s prompting us to continue with new Catholic products hopefully launching later this summer! Thank you!

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Launch: {Project: Prompt Me to Pray} New Craft Kit

Here is the proper launch for my NEWEST Craft Kit PDF!

I’m just trying to make it EASIER for all of us to pray unceasingly, from the heart.
My book talks about how we can customize our prompts to pray to fit our unique circumstances, daily routine, habits, and quirks, and now I’ve created a craft kit that can help you implement these habit-forming prayer prompts in your life!

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Prompt Me to Pray through Easter

Prompt Me to Pray through EASTER is the next special guide to help apply the practical plan for consistent prayer from the heart of Monica’s newly released book Prompt Me to Pray to the Seasons, the Saints, and the Sacraments! We’re looking at the unique circumstances and graces available in these Catholic moments and mentored by these Catholic heroes to build the habit of prayer through extra timely
Prompts to Pray! 

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Prompt Me to Pray through LENT

Prompt Me to Pray through Lent features 47 digital Snapshot Illustrated Prompts!

Journey with Jesus through His Public Ministry, reflecting on scriptural accounts of the events, teaching, miracles, healings, and His Passion as Prompts to Pray and grow in virtue throughout our Lenten Resolutions!

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January Saints and Pray More in 2024

Equipping Catholic Families for January 2024 Saints!

Welcome to our monthly summary of crafts and family traditions related to the Monthly Devotion, Key Feast Days and the appropriate Season of the Liturgical Calendar.

  • Prompt Me to Pray through the 12 Days of Christmas PDF is PACKED with prayers and prayer prompts to tap into all the wonderful gifts God has given us within our Faith! It has simple summaries and excellent prompts to pray: to pray with gratitude, to foster the virtues and gifts already infused into us at Baptism, and to help us appreciate all God’s Grace and Tools He freely offers to us, as we pursue holiness.

Key Feast Days in January:

He’s still a little BABY! Sock Baby Jesus can still hang around in his crib as we bask in the Baptism of the Lord (January 8) and await the Presentation of the Lord on February 2nd.

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5 Tips to Pray MORE, From the Heart, When You’re TOO Busy

St. Francis de Sales once said, “Every one of us needs half an hour of prayer a day, except when we are busy – then we need an hour.”

I always feel at least a little bit better after I pray, especially when I prayer-journal and I’m praying from the heart. So why don’t I pray always, pray unceasingly, or at least pray for a consistent time each and every day? I have good intentions, but the day runs away from me. There are always more things to do, unexpected challenges, conversations, and needs. It’s hard to prioritize prayer and it’s difficult to remember to reach out in prayer, even when I really need to.

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The Saints Can Prompt Us to Pray

The Communion of Saints offers us mentors in our Catholic Faith, patrons of almost anything you can think of for intercession, and models of persistent pursuit of holiness, wholeheartedly seeking virtue, prayer, and union with God. While many of the Saints gave us specific teaching about prayer, we can also look to their particular patronage as a special prompt to pray as they did or to pray for their intercession.

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We recently renovated our online Arma Dei Catholic Shop with new formatting, and helpful buttons offering shortcuts to carefully-curated products according to Season of the Liturgical Calendar, Sacraments, Saints, Catechism, Prayer, and Prayer Journal Stamps!

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The Saints Were Prompted to Pray. Are YOU?


There are so many ways to pray! We have such a rich tradition of classic prayers and devotions, but we can also speak spontaneously to God in familial conversation. We are told by Jesus and by St. Paul to pray without ceasing and yet we are easily distracted and sometimes forget to pray.

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The Pray More Workbook PDF

We just released the Pray More Workbook available in two different formats
+1-up single-sided printing for folded/stapled booklets
+2-up single-sided or double-sided printing for cerlox or spiral bound booklets

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