Feast Day Fun: St Agnes

St Agnes

January 21 is the Feast Day of St Agnes

St Agnes refused marriage at the age of 13, dedicating herself to Jesus and she was martyred for her Faith.  She is known for the virtue of Purity and her symbol is the lamb. She is the patron of young girls.

Feast Day Crafts and Activities

Excerpts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families , various posts at Equipping Catholic Families and our Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO)


St Agnes’ symbol as mentioned above is a lamb. We think of the gentleness of the lamb or even the whiteness and softness of the lamb’s wool but we also recognize the latin word “Agnus” for lamb as in “Agnus Dei, Lamb of God”.

Used with permission from Catholic Inspired


There are plenty of lamb crafts out there…and Jennifer at Catholic Inspired graciously collected and presented a bunch of them here:

Lots of Lamb Crafts and Ideas.

I love the cupcake one…and the prayer card holder!

St Agnes 1

2On my recent trip to Rome, I was blown away by the Church Sant’Agnese in Agone. I had never connected with this saint before…maybe because she’s my middle-name-sake and I didn’t appreciate the youthfulness or beauty of the name as my parents did.

St Agnes

Praying near the skull of this heroic young saint, I was completely won over by this courageous, young martyr. She’s our little sister in Faith! At the tender age of 13, she refused to break her vow to Jesus, knowing that she would likely be killed for it right then and there. She accepted death joyfully, eager to be united with Jesus.


I’ve been looking for special prayers for Purity and Chastity online…and this is my favorite of the ones I found! It appears at CatholicCulture.org

Mary, loving Daughter of God the Father, I give my soul to your care. Protect the life of God in my soul. Do not let me lose it by serious sin. Protect my mind and my will so that all my thoughts and desires will be pleasing to God. Hail Mary…

Mary, loving Mother of God the Son, I give my heart to your care. Let me love you with all my heart. Let me always try to love my neighbor. And help me avoid friends who might lead me away from Jesus and into a life of sin. Hail Mary…

Mary, loving Spouse of the Holy Spirit, I give my body to your care. Let me always remember that my body is a home for the Holy Spirit who dwells in me. Let me never sin against Him by any impure actions alone or with others, against the virtue of purity. Hail Mary…

Prayer Source: Prayers from Various Websites, permission from CatholicCulture.org.

St. Agnes, pray for us!


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This is the another edition of Feast Day Fun…offering excerpts from

A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families

and Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO)

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