CrackerBox Cathedral

communion of painted saintsA few weeks ago, I was excited to post the Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit I created to transform the Michael’s ArtMinds Wood Barn into a Church for the Wooden Painted Saints.

Well, I felt Julia’s frustration when she couldn’t find this sold-out wood barn at Michael’s…and I’m so excited to present this tutorial to make the Kelly Saints Cathedral

Goldfish Box…with a family size box of Pepperidge Farm GoldFish Crackers!

I’m pretty sure that you could use a similar sized box of Cheerios or Shreddies, but I like the way that the Goldfish Cracker box uses mini-corrugated cardboard: it’s sturdier than most cereal boxes.

I decided to add some features to the Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit, adding 2 more windows, templates to accommodate the Goldfish Cracker Box…and a stone façade and shingled roof! The UPGRADE includes a picture tutorial and the templates for the structure and steeple, based on the Goldfish Cracker box.

crackerbox cathedral front

Don’t worry! If you have already purchased the Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit, you will receive a special link for the CrackerBox Cathedral UPGRADE. Watch for an email from Arma Dei with your new link!

crackerbox cathedral pic tutorialThe Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit now includes some tips for cardboard construction based on my 5 years of model-making in Architecture School. (Who says I don’t use my degree? =) )


The use of the stone and shingle templates make construction a little more forgiving. I wasn’t too worried about my ‘craft’ in this project, I was designing as I went along and I wasn’t worried about making the perfect cuts. If my seams weren’t quite right and some of the box peeked through, I just covered it up with stone or shingle clipart. Once sealed with mod-podge, it’s really not too obvious and I know that my kids don’t mind a bit.

The windows can be a little tricky to cut, but covering them with the carefully cut or circle-punched window templates…hide any flaws!

You’ll notice how the roof of the Church opens up for play and it is closed shut by the steeple. The steeple might be a little more complicated to make, but templates and tips are included in the kit.


Cracker Box Cathedral helperI used cardboard from another box to make the steeple because my helper ended up using the scraps from the Goldfish Box for his art.

Adam's Art

The whole project took a couple of hours, but was virtually free given the Goldfish Cracker Box I had on hand and the Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit I had an extra print of.

2 Kelly Saints Cathedrals

Which Kelly Saints Cathedral do you like better and why? Best comment gets a FREE Craft Kit!


Cracker Box Cathedral coverNEW 2in1 Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit*

*includes Cracker Box Cathedral clipart, tutorial and X-Acto Knife Safety Tips

Available as PDF Download Only: $5

IF you have already purchased the Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart, look in your email inbox for a FREE link to the UPGRADE! 
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  1. Thank you for sharing our faith in kid-friendly ways. Both kits are excellent to house the peg dolls. I appreciate the hard work you have done to help the domestic churches, our families.

  2. Sharon Weil says:

    This looks great! I think it would make a great carry-case for our peg dolls as well!

  3. I think I like the CrackerBox Cathedral more because of all the windows! I’m partial to the stone pattern too. The upcycled box does look more fully playable with the great open roof than the wooden one does. What a nice labor of love!

  4. I really love the new kit! It makes it more accessible and I always love a recycled object craft. They both look great!

  5. Thank you so much for creating and posting this. It is tough to say which I like the best but I would have to say this new one just because it is so useable! It sounds like the barns are going to be hard to find and I like that this version is not only accessible but that it looks more like a cathedral. Thank you!

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