Equipping Catholic Families …for LENT!

Paper Chains, Prayer Abacus, Revolving Rosary, Stations of the Cross and Works of Mercy Carousel…just some of the Catholic Craft Kits we have …packed with prayer and our original Kelly Saints illustrations! Hands-on crafts to build up your family prayer!
Advent and Lent Quest Craft Kit:

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#GraceOfYes Day

 November 18th is #GraceOfYesDay!

I enjoyed reading Lisa Hendey’s new book…you can order your copy of  The Grace of Yes at Ave Maria Press.

You can read my Review of The Grace of Yes at Equipping Catholic Families.

I decided to reflect upon the eight virtues described by Lisa and consider how I’ve experienced them or hope to practice them in my own life.

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NEW Resource Online! Cumulative Saints & Seasons Celebration Link-Ups

This is my new Monthly Link-up of crafts, activities, festivities and family traditions honoring the Saints of each month!

Our Catholic Calendar is so rich with Saints Feast Days and Devotions.

Do you have a special celebration, craft, activity or reflection to share?

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Sneak a Peek at our Office, while we’re at IHM!

Welcome to Equipping Catholic Families! We are currently attending the Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference in Fredericksburg, VA.

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All Saints Resource with Link Up

All Saints Day is coming!! In honor of All Saints Day on November 1st, I decided to post my CeleLINKY with the SAINTS: November a little early! Add your new ideas and please mention this link-up on your blog! Join the Cele-LINKY with the SAINTS: NOVEMBER below and pick up some fresh ideas! Please do us a favor and tell your subscribers about this Catholic Link-Up with the SAINTS by adding this link and/or posting a Cele-LINKY with the SAINTS button!   It’s a continuous party of monthly link-ups for Saint celebrations, reflections and activities!

I have some fun ways to incorporate the Saints in classic board games including Checkers, Snakes & Laddersand Trouble!…and I have a few more Saint projects in the works…
coming SOON!

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Welcome to the Year of Faith!

Welcome to the Year of Faith!  I’m so excited to delve into activities and crafts that celebrate our Catholic Faith!  With our Arma Dei products, we have always tried to take activities and crafts that kids love to do and infuse them with Catholic Catechism, prayers, Sacrament preparation and traditions to entice the kids to learn about the Faith while having fun!

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October Cele-LINKY with the SAINTS!

Join my Cele-LINKY with the SAINTS for OCTOBER!

I think that October may be my favorite month for Saints…with St Therese, Bl John Paul, St Faustina, St Francis, St Gerard, St Jude!  What a powerhouse of HOLINESS!

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Extraordinary Ideas for Ordinary Time

Comprising 33 or 34 weeks of our Catholic Liturgical Calendar, Ordinary Time need not be ORDINARY!

Throughout the year, the Mystery of Christ is revealed.  Beginning after the Feast of Our Lord’s Baptism, Ordinary Time focuses on Christ’s Baptism and then delves into His Preaching Ministry.  The Scriptural readings at Mass focus on Jesus’ Teaching through parables and His Miracles. 

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Catholic Link-Up Headquarters!

Cele-LINKY thru the SEASONS  and Cele-LINKY with the SAINTS are being reorganized for you to link your favorite posts of celebrations and crafts for the Catholic Seasons and Saintdays including a month-by-month index of Saints feastdays (@

Cele-LINKY with the SAINTS

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Catho-LINKY LIBRARY: Links of Catholic Link-Ups

Visit our Catho-LINKY LIBRARY page=&0=& Add your own favorite games and crafts that have been converted to be CATHOLIC.

Cool 2B Catholic Pinterest PINBOARD Share Add your own Catholic Pinboards!  Check out other Pinterester’s collections of Catholic Pins!

Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival from This That and the Other Thing
Add your favorite Catholic post, every Sunday!

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