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Converted 2 Catholic! Add your own favorite games and crafts that have been converted to be CATHOLIC.

Cool 2B Catholic Pinterest PINBOARD Share Add your own Catholic Pinboards!  Check out other Pinterester’s collections of Catholic Pins!

Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival from This That and the Other Thing
Add your favorite Catholic post, every Sunday!



Cele-LINKY with the SAINTS Add links to your favorite posts about crafts, activities, traditions and celebrations for Saints Days.

Cele-LINKY thru the CALENDAR Add links to your favorite posts about crafts, activities, traditions and celebrations for the different Seasons and Feasts of the Liturgical Calendar.

Fiestas de Enlaces  (Festival of Links) from Familia Catolica

This is so great!  This is an ongoing tag-team of Catholic Liturgical Calendar linkies to add your posts of ideas for celebrating the different Seasons and prominant Feastdays.  Each link-up will be hosted by a different Catholic blog.  I’m so happy that will be a part of it!  I will also be updating my Catho-LINKY LIBRARY page to keep track of the new linkies as they become available.
Look for the translate button to flip between spanish and english!
So far: All Saints, Advent and now:

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe
by Catholic Homeschooling

Lacy’s Liturgical Link Up from Catholic Icing   Various link-ups for different Seasons of the Liturgical Calendar.

First Friday Linky from Catholic Icing  Posted on the first of the month in honor of the First Friday Devotion for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.



Nativity Activity Linky from Equipping Catholic Families.
Lots of ideas to make your own nativity…and to link your own!

Coolest Homemade Advent Calendar Linky from Equipping Catholic Families.  Lots of ideas to make your own Advent Calendar…and to link your own!

Adviento Fiesta de Enlaces! from Familia Catolica

Preparing for Baby Jesusfrom Raising Little Saints


Christmas Link Up by Catholic Icing


Ideas for All Saints Celebrations, including costumes, games and food!
All Saints Link Up from Catholic Icing

Todos los Santos from Familia Catolica


(7)  LENT


Lent Quest by Equipping Catholic Families

Linky through the 50 Days of Easter by Equipping Catholic Families


Catholic Conferences by Equipping Catholic Families.  This is a listing of all the Catholic Conferences I could find…for religious educators, homeschoolers, bookstore owners, parents…all Catholics!
Little Flowers’ Club Link Up by Shower of Roses.  What a great club…awesome ideas and a well-organized linky to share!
Blue Knights Boys’ Club Link Up by Shower of Roses  Another great club….awesome ideas and well-organized linky!


from Equipping Catholic Families



Saints and Scripture Sundays by The Kennedy Adventures.
Lots of thoughtful posts…link up on Sunday!
Favorite Prayer Share by I blog Jesus
Link up your favorite classic or spontaneous prayers and devotions.  Pick up a few new ones!
Rosary Link-Up from Catholic Icing. Lots of ideas and crafts about the Rosary

Rosario Enlaces en Familia Catolica.  Ideas for family prayer and crafts about the Rosary.

Home of the Hmm…ily: links to Sunday Reading reflections

Sunday Scripture Study Share: Bible study links related to Sunday Readings

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  1. Thanks, everyone!
    PLEASE take the button and display it on your site…so everyone has direct access to what should be complete an on-going, complete index of Catholic link ups!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What a great list of links ups Monica! Thank you for sharing! I may have to link back to your post here on my blog so I can have all these handy on my blog and to share with others 🙂

    It’s great to be Catholic in blog land with so many wonderful bloggers like yourself and others sharing our beautiful faith! Thanks for linking up to NOBH and sharing your post!

  4. Thank you Monica! Nice to meet you too. Yes I received the I blog Jesus award from Noreen at Rosary Mom.

    I don’t know why there would be a problem commenting but I have now added an email address to my blogger profile. Thanks for letting me know.

    I’ve added your CathoLINKY badge to my the two sites. Thank you for including them!

  5. Thanks Xhonane…and thanks Tricia!
    Tricia…I haven’t been able to comment on your site and I can’t find an email address for you.

    I like your blogs! Thanks for commenting on my CathoLINKY LIBRARY post!
    I hope you’ll bring the button back to your sites. I have added the two blogs of yours, that you recommended.
    I see that you are Canadian…so am I! =)
    I also noticed that you received the I blog Jesus award…I made that. =)
    So nice to meet you!

  6. I have two blogs dedicated to linkups of reflections and studies of each Sunday’s Mass readings. They are very new and so I have had really only myself and one other participant so far. If you find they are appropriate to add then it would be much appreciated.

    Home of the Hmm…ily is a linkup for personal reflections on any part of any reading for the upcoming Sunday. It is at

    Sunday Scripture Study Share is meant to be more of a bible study linkup and the posts included should keep more to objective facts and information about any part of the upcoming Sunday readings rather than personal reflections on them. It is at

    Both linkups have a button code in the sidebar on the sites.


  7. One more thing… would it be helpful to have a button to promote this post?

  8. Wow! Monica, what a wonderful job! This is a great resource for all bloggers!! Thank you so much for your effort and time you had put in this! Many blessings!!

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