(Mostly) LENT Crafts at HOME ~ with what you have on hand!

Looking for crafts to do at home, with what you have on hand?
We sifted through our archives and these are the simplest crafts we found. Many of the crafts are totally appropriate for LENT and the others are just in case you have any kids obsessed with Medieval Times.

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The Coolest Catechist’s Classroom

Those of you we have been blessed to meet at Catholic conferences will recognize our Arma Dei castle-wall motif for our display.

It’s true!…we painted over 125 square feet of canvas to look like a castle wall and it’s guarded by our 7′ Arma Dei knight!

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Feast Day Fun: St Maximilian Kolbe

St Maximilian was the Founder of the Militia of Mary Immaculate, spreading devotion and consecration to the Mother of God. Together with the Franciscans, St Maximilian published writings about our Blessed Mother. He was arrested by the Nazis and volunteered to take the place of a family man, when prisoners were selected to be killed and he comforted his fellow prisoners as they were dying.

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why we started making Armor out of Egg Cartons

We started our little family apostolate with the release of A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families in 2001. Fascinated with this Scriptural Passage, we named our publishing company Arma Dei, translated from latin as ‘Armor of God’:

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Get your Armor of God on: be a Dragon Slayer!

This unique bookDragon Slayers is now available through the  
Arma Dei Shoppe at Equipping Catholic Families!

Check out these pages:
LOOK INSIDE Dragon Slayers!

This book is the =&0=& to =&1=&, following the =&2=&Himself =&3=& and consulting the =&4=&.The =&5=& =&6=& avail themselves as dignified mentors for =&7=& on this virtuous quest.

This is a well-written, witty and imaginative book, the “How To Slay a Dragon” guide for faithful Christian soldiers, as they courageously put on the Armor of God (hey, that’s our company name… Arma Dei!) and prepare for the battle of their lives.

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Homemade Armor

Joseph is a knight for halloween…again.

We were able to re-use some of the pieces of armor…and modify others.  Joseph no longer wanted a visor, but he wanted the back of his head protected better!

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