The Coolest Catechist’s Classroom

Arma Dei Booth RGBThose of you we have been blessed to meet at Catholic conferences will recognize our Arma Dei castle-wall motif for our display.

Ephesians Knight

It’s true!…we painted over 125 square feet of canvas to look like a castle wall and it’s guarded by our 7′ Arma Dei knight!

We chose our business name Arma Dei (Armor of God) inspired by Ephesians 6:13-17.

Over the years, we have met hundreds of wonderful Catholic teachers, catechists, principals, Catholic Bookstore owners, homeschooling families and lots of Catholic moms and dads! We enjoy getting reacquainted with our loyal customers at conferences and online at Equipping Catholic Families and the Arma Dei Shoppe.


One of the COOLEST Catechists we have met is Robin T.  She emailed me a few weeks ago and inspired me with pictures of her classroom…and she said that SHE was inspired by my castle wall backdrop! She uses MANY of our Cathletics Craft Kits and refers OFTEN to A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.

She mentioned a bunch of projects she has led in her classroom of 24 kids, including the Trinity Bracelet (kind of like THIS Trinity Anklet),  paper flowers for Mary in the month of May (see #5 Take here) and she’s planning to build armor with the kids, using suggestions from the book and blog.

Check out Robin’s Kingdom of God Classroom!

Robin has used a castle wall wallpaper all around her classroom.

2014 Kingdom of God Catechist Classroom
She makes regular use of Catholic Artworks, but insists that she uses many Arma Dei Craft Kits and Cards including Journey with Jesus through the Sacraments, Family Tree, Lace-Up Missal, Communion of Saints Calendar, Super Saints, Advent and Lent Quest and the Catechism Catcher craft kits as well as our Cathletics Playing Cards (for a quizzing game!) and the Reverence and Awe Collector Cards teaching the Vessels and Vestments.

2014 Catechist Classroom wall


I love the felt banners!

2014 a Catechist Classroom Family Tree



…and this Family Tree!

2014 Kingdom of God podium


In thanks for sharing pictures of her awesome classroom, I have sent Robin our new Kelly Saints I.D. cards.  I can’t wait to see what Robin does with the Saint Scripts Craft Kits!

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  1. Oh WOW Monica that is awesome that you inspired Robin to make such a cool room for learning! What an honor for you! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these ideas~
    You must feel wonderful that these lovely people got in touch with you to share their classroom decor, based on your ideas! How amazing!

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