Why I Love My Catholic Faith

  1. The Eucharist. Just as we reminded ourselves on the Feast of Corpus Christi this past Sunday, we believe as Catholics that Jesus is present to us from the moment of Consecration when the bread and wine are transubstantiated into His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, from the inside out. He is thus present in all the Tabernacles in all the Catholic Churches throughout the world and we can visit His Holy Presence almost any time we want.

2. Confession. What an incredible Sacrament this is! We receive the full Mercy of God through this Sacrament when we humble ourselves to confess our faults and failings to a priest, receive absolution, do penance and resolve to sin no more!

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Review: Catholic Through the Year Planner

You may have noticed less frequent posting over here at Equipping Catholic Families. We took a little extra family time this summer and we’re just now getting refocused on  the blog and a few new creative projects including some Cathletics Craft Kits!

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#CatholicCraft Bundle for Zelie and Co Auction!

I’m part of a group called Zelie and Co!

Zelie & Co is a group of Catholic women artisans. They work collaboratively to support each other’s business growth, pray for each other, and offer weekly sales on Instagram @zelieandco. Their patron saint is St Zelie, lacemaker and mother of St Therese, the Little Flower. Zelie&Co Catholic Artisans are excited to partner with some of our Catholic Community’s most beloved Bloggers to support some amazing Catholic Charities with an Auction of beautiful Catholic gifts and crafts on February 9th, 2016 Here at Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families, I am partnering with Gina at Someday Saints=&1=&to offer you a #CatholicCrafts Bundle…just in time for Lent! The #CatholicCrafts Bundle includes:
  • A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families offering crafts and family traditions for the entire Liturgical Calendar (Retail:$24.50+shipping) shipped within US or Canada
  • 2 decks of Super Saints each with 54 Kelly Saints images and quick facts: Saints cards you can play actual card games with! (Retail: $24+shipping) shipped within US or Canada
  • $45 Gift Certificate for Cathletics Craft Kits (PDFs) at our Catholic Printable Shoppe: over 30 Catholic Craft Kits to choose from! Check out our new Craft Kit for the Year of Mercy! Works of Mercy: Kelly Saints Style
Total Retail Value: $112.50 Starting Bid: $50 Proceeds will be donated to St Bryce Missions After losing their sixth son Bryce, for whom the organization is named, to SIDS in 2009, Greg and Colleen began to search deeply for God to show them how to He wanted them to use this suffering for His glory and the good of His children.  St. Bryce Missions is currently active in two communities in Costa Rica and hopes to initiate work in Tanzania this year. They have completed 6 chapel construction or renovation projects as part of their Faith in Action initiative, actively engaged in numerous evangelization outreaches, created a social enterprise initiative for women as well as an initiative to provide families with chickens for the prevention of malnourishment as well as income generation as part of their Hope in Action programming. They also founded the St. Francis Emmaus Center to provide rest and recuperation time as well as support and health education to pregnant Cabecar mothers who lack access to health services as part of their Love in Action programming. 

This Charity Auction is going to be BIG!

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Get a start on your Lenten Almsgiving

to these AWESOME Catholic Charities

…and fill your Easter Baskets at the same time!

Support these awesome Catholic Charities as part of your Almsgiving this Lent…

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Catholic Planner 2016

Just finished the NEW and IMPROVED Catholic Shop and Blog Planner!

This year, it’s embellished with Kelly Saints on the calendar and Divider Tabs to organize your Passwords, Blog and Social Media Stats, Guest Posts, Contributor Posts, Ad Space, Sponsor Buttons…and more!!

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NEW Catholic Blog Planner for 2015!

Last year in my attempt to get more organized, I compiled my own Catholic Blog Planner complete with

  • a 12 month calendar including key Catholic Feast Days and Seasons, space to record top referrers, top posts, giveaways, reviews, guest posts and events happening that month
  •  a table of PASSWORDS,
  • a table of blog stats on an increasing number of social media venues
  • a log template of guest posts, contributor articles and giveaways I participated in

Finally, I had one binder to include written records of key passwords, contact information, dates and all those pesky details I expect to remember at the time only to forget them well before I need the info again.

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Catholic Bloggers’ Advent Link-Up

Looking for some awesome Advent posts? The Catholic Bloggers Network is sponsoring a new Advent Link-Up, each week of Advent! Come and check it out! Add your own Advent reflections, traditions, crafts and activities…and visit, comment on and share the other posts from other Catholic Bloggers!

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Keep LOVE in LENT 2014 Link-Up

Are you looking for a new approach to Lent this year or are you happy to share what works for you?

Attention: Catholic Bloggers!

Join the Keep LOVE in LENT Link-Up 2014, hosted by the Catholic Bloggers Network!

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Congratulations Winners of the Catholic Bloggers Birthday Giveaway!

Congratulations to the Winners of the Catholic Bloggers Birthday Giveaway!

We have selected 21 winners to each receive one of the 21 awesome prizes!

We have emailed the winners…so if one of these names looks like yours…check your inbox (and maybe your spam folder)!

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Top 100 Catholic Blogs…

Want to discover some Catholic Blogs for summer reading?

100 Totally Awesome Blogs by Catholic Priests

Top 100 Blogs by Catholic Sisters and Nuns

Over 500 Awesome Catholic Blogs at the Catholic Blogger Network

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Catholic Resource Directory

Here’s a sneak peek at our Catholic Resource Directory!

Only Catholic websites or Catholic blogs will be accepted for the Catholic Resource Directory, easily accessible from multiple Catholic sites.

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