NEW Catholic Blog Planner for 2015!


Catholic Blog Planner 2015

Last year in my attempt to get more organized, I compiled my own Catholic Blog Planner complete with

  • Blog Planner Calendara 12 month calendar including key Catholic Feast Days and Seasons, space to record top referrers, top posts, giveaways, reviews, guest posts and events happening that month
  •  a table of PASSWORDS,
  • a table of blog stats on an increasing number of social media venues
  • a log template of guest posts, contributor articles and giveaways I participated in

Finally, I had one binder to include written records of key passwords, contact information, dates and all those pesky details I expect to remember at the time only to forget them well before I need the info again.

I did make the Blog Planner available to subscribers last year…but I also revised it over the year and added a truckload of other templates including

  • sponsor buttons and ads
  • affiliate links
  • plugins
  • blog health stats

Blog Planner 2015 pages

I think I’ve got a good set of templates here and I plan to add additional templates as I think of them or as they are recommended…to make this blogging thing a whole lot easier to keep a track of!

This is ANOTHER FREEBIE for subscribers of Equipping Catholic Families!

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  13. Peter Shafton says:

    Retired for just over 3 years, but still trying to get organised; health and time issues keep coming in the way.
    Trying to cope with this burning desire to pass on to others what I have learnt over the years, through books and rather extensive personal experiences.

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