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minute to win it medalsThis is a sneak peek at our 2nd Minute To Win It party! The first one was a few years ago…with a number of 14 year olds. You can see Emily’s Minute To Win it Party from 2011.

This time…Emily was one of the activity leaders for the thirteen 7-year olds!

Minute toWe ran 12 different games at the front of our house, steps from our emptied-out garage,in case the threatening thunderstorm occurred.  It started to rain briefly…only 5 minutes before the end of the party!

The different challenges we hosted were: Bucket Head, Noodle Pick-Up Sticks, Balloon Bumps, Unicorn Horn, A Bit Dicey, Ping Pong Plop, Cookie Face, Ping Pong Pizza Pie, Bam Bam Baby Rattle, M&M Slurpee, Mini-Marshmallow Catapult and Marble on the Run.

The materials were easy to find either at our house or at the dollar store, including the Mini-Marshmallow Catapults we had made for a Medieval Birthday Party a few years ago, but you could substitute a spoon!

The cleaning, food prep and organization of parties…isn’t my favorite, but I get significantly more enthused when we have a theme I can work with!  We’ve had a Superhero Party, a couple Teddy Bear parties, a Dweeb to Diva Makeover party, a Knights party and four 5-year-old Magic parties, with my own Dad as the magician!

Minute_To_Win_It_Printable_coverAs a special surprise for YOU, we have a FREE printable to help you host your own Minute To Win It party! I figure, once I go to the trouble to make some program for a party, I might as well share it!

The Minute To Win It printable is officially $2, but if you use the code liked (if you like our facebook page) or subscribed (if you subscribe to Equipping Catholic Families), you get it for FREE!

win itThe Minute To Win It printable includes templates for the Minute To Win It Medals, to add to used CDs or DVDs for a cool Olympic-style medal.  These medals are also quite helpful as name tags and scorecards: 3 in 1!

The Minute To Win It printable also includes the Loot Bag Summary, describing the materials required and the way to play each of the 12 challenges.  These are helpful for YOU, your activity leaders and can be rolled into the Loot Bags for activities the kids may like to try at home!

The Minute To Win It printable!

$2 or FREE with the code liked or subscribed

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  1. I am subscribed to your blog but I can never figure out how to get these printables? I don’t see any link in the e-mail.

    • Sorry, Jenn! The very last thing in the post before “Related Posts” is an “add to cart” button. If you select that…and use: subscribed as a code…you will receive a free download link. Please let me know if you have any trouble! I’ll try to make the add to cart button more pronounced!

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