Back from the Brink: Blog in a Blink

OK, so after my blog was shut down for THREE whole days, I’m so grateful to have a new host and an awesome techie friend Michael! He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s got a Catholic praying something fierce for him. While a few things were getting shifted around, deleted or updated…I only lost ONE post: the second half of Blog in a Blink 2014! So here it is, recreated on my newly hosted blog!

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Blog in a Blink: 2014

Don’t forget to check out Blog in a Blink 2014: Part TWO for July-December highlighted posts!


We discovered making Saints out of Egg Cartons with

  • Egg Carton Mother Mary,
  • Egg Carton Pope Francis and
  • Egg Carton Arma Dei Knight…and eventually
  • Egg Carton Jesus!

We also launched our special Reconciliation Peek Sheets Printable! Perfect for your First Reconciliation Prep or a Reconciliation Refresher!

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