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Don’t forget to check out Blog in a Blink 2014: Part TWO for July-December highlighted posts!


We discovered making Saints out of Egg Cartons with

  • Egg Carton Mother Mary,
  • Egg Carton Pope Francis and
  • Egg Carton Arma Dei Knight…and eventually
  • Egg Carton Jesus!

Reconciliation Facts and Format

We also launched our special Reconciliation Peek Sheets Printable! Perfect for your First Reconciliation Prep or a Reconciliation Refresher!



prayer stamp tilted

Anticipating the beginning of Lent, we introduced

  • My Latest Prayer Gimmick 
  • tutorial for the Simple Good Deed Beads Bracelet.

Good Deed Bead Bracelet

We proposed the

  • Count Your Blessings Box & Book
  • and launched our special Catholic Conversation Pieces Craft Kit!

Catholic Conversation PiecesMarch!

Passion Play Painted Saints

We began Lent with the 40 Ways for 40 Days, highlighting our family’s style Lenten crafts and activities with

  • Painted Saint Passion Play,
  • Heart_Cross_BannerHeart Cross Banner,
  • Weight of the Cross
  • and the DIY Catholic Kinder Surprise Eggs.



Seder 2014 table

With the last few weeks of Lent including the Home Stretch of Holy Week and jumping into the joyous season of Easter, we have

  • Crown of Thorns Bread
  • and our family’s Seder Supper!

For Easter activities celebrating the 50 Days of the season, we have

  • Cat Grass Easter Garden
  • and a summary of Easter fun.

Connect 4 Oct 2014Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit cover









We also launched the Kelly Saints Stamps introducing our awesome line of Saints drawings (by 15 year old Kelly!) into classic games and family activities!


Bridget First Communion portrait

With our 3rd daughter making her First Holy Communion this month, we offered

  • Unique Sacrament Gifts,
  • Obscure Ways to Celebrate First Holy Communion
  • and our PrayerLoom Prayer Book Printable!

Prayer-Loom Prayer Book








Pentecost craft 3 coverLots of June Feast Days to celebrate with fun activities like the

  • Woven Paper Hearts,
  • Holy Spirit Spin Wheel,
  • Tiny Saints Trinity Braid
  • and Ascension Crafts!

Tiny Saints Anklet





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