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Another Classic Game…converted to be Catholic! HeadBandz!

As many of you know, we’ve been scrambling to print the Super Saints cards in time for the World Meeting of Families.

Our FlowerFunding campaign ends on Monday!

We have already released the Super Saints Craft Kit for those who just couldn’t wait to play with these unique quizzing cards and we’ve already had a number of awesome Catholic families tell us about how much fun they’ve been having, playing with these cards!

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Poker Chips (Converted to Catholic!)

Years ago, I made a Catholic craft out of some poker chips, a plastic picture frame and double-sided suction cups. We called it Plunk! with the Saints and posted a tutorial to make a Plunk! board.

Since then, our in-house artist (daughter) Kelly started drawing the Saints…and then the Mysteries of the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross. We’ve released a number of Cathletics Craft Kits with all kinds of templates to customize board game pieces, cake topper decorations…and we’ve finally got them ready for poker chips! Now, we keep coming up with new ways to use them! A little mod podge goes a long way! The Kelly Saints Stamps Craft Kit already includes a number of different templates of the Kelly Saints illustrations and bios, formatted to fit various game pieces, activities and crafts! The 1.5″ templates are a perfect fit for poker chips…but here are 30 ways to use the kit! read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Kelly Saints Stamps: Converted 2 Catholic Classics

 NEW Cathletics Craft Kit released! Convert your favorite boardgames to be CATHOLIC with the Kelly Saints Stamps Converted 2 Catholic Classics Craft Kit! 

I’m sure I’ll be posting more detail about the over 15 ways to use this kit…but for now I’ll give you 7 Quick Peeks!

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TY Doll converted to St Patrick

A few years ago, inspired by my friend Lucia, we did a couple

doll makeovers of some on-clearance TY dolls!

We even made a Jesus TY doll…and we have plans for him for an Easter activity coming up!

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Best Converted 2 Catholic Pins

Year of Faith Tower Tumble: convert your family game so that kids learn Catechism while they play this classic game!

Things to do with Tiny Saints! Use these awesome Saint charms as zipper pulls, wine glass charms and board game pieces!

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Converted 2 Catholic Games and Crafts

Cool games and crafts that have been converted 2 Catholic! Please join in!

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Classic Games: Converted 2 Catholic!

One of my favorite ways to integrate our Catholic Faith into regular family life is to find activities and games that our kids like to do anyway…and infuse Catholic Catechism and Saints into them. So far, we have showcased the Saints in =&0=&, used Catechism facts to add meaning to coveted card combinations in=&1=& and used our Painted Saints as player pieces in =&2=&and =&3=&Our latest awesome favorite game…converted to Catholic with  Saints… is=&4=& We have made =&5=& for the =&6=& like the =&7=& read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Snakes & Ladders: Converted to Catholic!

Snakes & Ladders is not only a good family game with plenty of counting practice for the younger ones, it can teach life lessons as well.  Slowly plodding along the path of life, we experience blessings and graces that give us a boost, as well as struggles and challenges that test our character. I dug out our family game of Snakes and Ladders.  It’s 3D and even has little round place holders…that are unfortunately just a touch too small to hold the little wooden painted people.  The little figures do fit on top though, just like they did in  Trouble: Converted 2 Catholic! Once again, I just enjoy the thought of players choosing from family figures or holy heroes to mark their journey in the game. and of course…it’s always nice to have some trusted friends cheering us on from the sidelines. =)
I am a wife, Mom of 5+ kids, a designer, an architecture school survivor, an author and a crafter and I think it’s cool to be Catholic! Check out the Arma Dei Shoppe for solid Catholic, fun teaching tools and gifts to celebrate and teach the Catholic Faith and subscribe to Equipping Catholic Families for family-building and Faith-centred crafts! read more...for Equipping Catholic Families!

Trouble: Converted 2 Catholic!

We are the Church!  We identify those who have gone before us, both relatives and well-known Saints as the Church Triumphant (in Heaven) and we are the Militant (pilgrims on Earth).  (CCC954) Recognizing that even the Saints had their setbacks and struggles, we too are on our Journey to Heaven.  Imagine the board game of Trouble as that Journey…walking side by side with our heroes, the Saints!  Blessed by intercession with the saints, we Catholics can walk the walk, in the company of the Saints!

Painted wooden dolls come in handy for the most common of board games!  Why not allow ourselves to build our Dream Team of Saints for our playing pieces. 

Conveniently, I have painted both members of our immediate family, and some of our favorite Saints. See Painted Peg People .

I think that the painted wooden dolls lend themselves perfectly to how we can learn from the Saints, seek their intercession and foster the desire to grow in holiness! 

Spiderman is cool and so is Superman, but aren’t the Saints our ultimate heroes

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Converted 2 Catholic: Checkers!

So excited to convert 2 CatholicCHECKERS!  With my newly painted wooden peg dolls, the kids can customize their team of family members and favorite patron saints!

Two options for play! Mixed teams of family members and saints (Begin the draft process at the start of the game, taking turns to select family members and saints for each team) OR


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