Homemade Armor

Joseph is a knight for halloween…again.

We were able to re-use some of the pieces of armor…and modify others.  Joseph no longer wanted a visor, but he wanted the back of his head protected better!

We made new shoulder pieces to attach to the new breastplate.  The new breastplate fits better and laces together at the sides with twine. 

To get a better shape, we “scored” the cardboard to make a clean bend (meaning: we cut a straight line with the utility knife, careful not to cut all the way through the cardboard, but rather only through the paper on one side of the corrugation).

The leg pieces are also cut to fit the length, “scored” carefully for clean bends and tightened with elastic ribbon so that they slide on and off.

Neat holes are made with a metal shish kabab skewer..and widened with something wider (with a point).  A pencil might work for this, although the metal potato skewer did a nice job.
 I’m not sure if we’re going to have to spray paint the new armor…I kind of like the contrast as it is!
That’s a smug knight!  


  1. Just to invite you to a All saints Link Up Party here: http://homeschoolingcatolico.blogspot.com/2011/10/fiesta-de-todos-los-santos.html

    I would love to see your post there!!

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