NEW Catholic Rubber Stamps…in the Shoppe!

We’ve added a couple Catholic Stamps to the Prayer Impressions Journal Stamp Shop!

The 2″ Divine Mercy Stamp includes counting beads in the border and a prayer intentions space so that you can keep track of the 5 decades, the 10 “For the Sake of…” prayers for each decade and the 3 “Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One” prayers at the end of the five decades. This is a nice visual for journalers to incorporate the Divine Mercy Chaplet with their prayer-journaling!

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Catholic Gifts and Gift GUIDES

Looking to SHOP for some
CATHOLIC Gifts this Christmas?

Thanks for your support of Small Catholic Businesses like Arma Dei!

The St. Nick Shoe Stuffer Bundle ($60) includes:

3 decks of Super Saints (Retail: $12/deck)
1 decks of Cathletics Playing Cards* (Retail: $12)
1 deck of Reverence & Awe (Retail: $11)
FREE shipping to US or Canada

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Practical Catholic Gifts

Catholic Gifts that are practical AND prayerful!
Surround yourself with the Saints and Prayer
and Foster the Faith the FUN way.

I’ve been assembling our Illustrated Saints Wall Calendar for 2023 and you can purchase one of these already quality-printed and assembled calendars in the Arma Dei Shoppe!

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5 Important Ways to Prepare Your Child for Confirmation

This Guest Post by Kate Westwood of House of Joppa came at a great time!
We’re just signing up our 12 year old Adam to begin Confirmation preparation and to be confirmed in 2023!

Image Source: Pixabay

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Extreme Makeover: Birdhouse Edition!

From Birdhouse to Dollhouse;
Dollhouse to SAINTS House!

I’ve been painting little saints from wooden peg dolls for a while now.
I’ve created little churches and travel churches and hangouts, Nativities and Passion Plays!

I’ve been looking for a while…for a little wooden dollhouse at the appropriate 1.25″ saint scale, but to no avail.

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Review: The Illustrated Bible for Children by Magnificat/Ignatius Press

I am so excited to review this NEW Illustrated Bible for Children by the Magnificat division of Ignatius Press. It’s beautifully illustrated with relatively simple and very sweet illustrations in a comic book format for kids 7 years old and up. The font is a nice size with a combination of CAPS for narration and upper and lower case for dialogue. The people are smiley cartoon (my categorization) in gentle and friendly settings, color and formatting.

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The Divine Mercy Chaplet ~ Folded Visual Devotional

The Divine Mercy Chaplet Visual DevotionalĀ is a fully-color printed card with the prayers for the Divine Mercy Chaplet. The folded card is printed on both sides with the full color digital illustration of the Divine Mercy Jesus.

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My Instagram Account was Kidnapped, but here’s an EASTER Giveaway!

One week ago, my Instagram account was disabled, for some mysterious violation that I don’t think exists. I have repeatedly appealed this violation every day to no avail. I really appreciated my Instagram account, not only as kind of family diary of family trips, and special occasions celebrated with our family but also as an awesome visual venue to get the word out on the Catholic books, craft kits, quizzing cards and stamps I have created through my Catholic Business Arma Dei.

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2021-2022 Calendars and Planners for Every Day Catholics!

Our NEW Saints Calendars and Planners are NOW available for 2022!

Invite the Saints into your EVERY DAY with these Saints Calendar Printables!

The Arma Dei SAINTS Calendar is available in THREE different formats!

Vertical Saints Calendar with 160 Stickies and 56 Lists and Logs (PDF)

The 25 page Wall Calendar Kit includes a 16 month calendar (illustrated with the Kelly Saints on key Feast Days!) as well asĀ Lists and Logs TemplatesĀ which include:

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A Stained Glass Rosary: Book Review

I’m so happy to receive A Stained Glass Rosary available at Thy Olive Tree for review!

Kate has the BRILLIANT idea of semi-transparent textured die-cut stickers to place on each printed rosary tracker on each decade page. Her stickers are available in her shop: Rosary Bead Stickers

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