February: the Month of the Holy Family

We’ve got a SNOW DAY up here in Canada, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to sneak in some last minute crafts for the

Devotion of the Month: the Holy Family!

but check this out if you’d like some other Snow Day crafts!

Felt Friends Nativity

These are the Felt Friends we made a few years ago and we even have a craft kit tutorial to help you make your own! They are cute and bendy…made with a pipe cleaner skeleton and felt! Here is the Felt Friends Craft Kit! (It’s FREE for subscribers…if you use the code)

nativity by the fireHere’s our original Nativity set I made for our family roughly from patterns I found in a magazine.


We always have some extra wooden peg dolls on hand in case we want to make more Wooden Painted Saints!

Here’s the Nativity we made last Christmas using Catholic Icing’s Printable Peg Doll Nativity Set templates…and here’s how I made my Miniature Painted Saint Nativity set.

Painted Saint Nativity

and a special Christmas Ornament we made for our school a few years ago…

Peg Saint Nativity


…and inspiring My Little Felt Friends I purchased a few years ago! Here’s their new Etsy Shop!

My Little Felt Friends Nativity
We hope you’re having a wonderful Month devoted to the Holy Family…and Happy Snow Day if you’ve got one of those too!

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