Flaming Mini Cross Bow

Mini Cross Bow DIY OK, so I know it’s a bit of a stretch to think up a good Equipping Catholic Families reason to make this Mini-Cross Bow. This is all I’ve got:

  • It’s a cool project…making me a pretty cool mom for suggesting it and providing the instructions and templates to make it.
  • It kept two 13-year old boys busy for 3 or 4 hours, honing their crafting and inventive skills with nary a need for first aid: not even one glue gun burn or  X-Acto knife cut. Well done, boys!

Mini Cross Bow in progress Although they were unable to actually fire flaming matchstick arrows with any precision, I’m wondering if with some extensive aiming practice and zero wind conditions one might be able to torment the squirrels enough to keep them away from the soffits of our house. Wishful thinking, I know.

This isn’t over, squirrels.   Mini Cross Bow supplies In any case, these little Mini-Cross Bows were made with cut-and-painted popsicle sticks, metal hair barrettes, embroidery thread, hot glue and a great deal of delicate crafting and patience. You will find this project (#56) at SonicDad. The templates include instructions and popsicle stick cutting templates.

Again…flaming matchstick arrows were not really an option. I suppose the arrows could poke someone in the eye, but so far the Mini-Cross Bows have been fun …and not so dangerous.

They do lose some tension with use…so these cross-bows can be a little finicky.

Aside from possibly talking about this project again in light of the Feast Day of St Sebastian and his association with arrows, we haven’t really found a Catholic program to justify this craft for Equipping Catholic Families just yet.

If you think of one, let us know!

castle and catapult


Slightly easier and safer activity, with almost the same level of coolness: Mini-Marshmallow Catapults and Castle


  1. Monica – these are so fun!!! Maybe you can use them for the Feast of St. Blaze??? Ha! Seriously, though, I’m going to pull this one out in about ten years for my son…such a great idea.

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