Family Culture in Ordinary Time

Build your own Family Culture and Traditions…and start during Ordinary Time!

Collect family artifacts and treasures: keep a collection of family documents, classic photos, newspaper articles, certificates, letters from the toothfairy or letters to Santa, programs from funeral Masses, graduations, wedding invitations, birthday invitations, letters of acceptance, report cards…even if they are photocopies of the real thing!  This is what we created our Family Treasure Chest for!
These and other family-centric activities, crafts and traditions can be found in A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.

Altered Collage Books
Years ago, I was fascinated by the books Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence.
“Thus begins the strange and intriguing correspondence of Griffin and Sabine.  It is a story that is partly a romance, partly a mystery, and completely a work of art.  Each page contains a new card or letter…the complete correspondence tells an extraordinary story in an extraordinary way.”
The whole book is packed with stamped letters and postcards, with striking images and artwork.
As I began collecting special cards and letters for each of my kids, I decided I would also write my own letters to them: my goal is to write one for each child, at least once a year.  While I have probably missed a few opportunities…my collections of letters and cards are pretty neat, for each of the children.
I was intrigued by the Griffin and Sabine book and began my own altered collage books: one for each child, in a story book that reminded me of them! 

 These books were filled with fascinating postcards documenting a correspondance in a cool book with postcards and letters in envelopes.
Altered Book Tips

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