Mini Rosary Abacus Tutorial

Recently, I painted my own custom Mary icon for our family and I decided to use a print of it for another special little craft.

Since I finally joined the ranks of Daily Rosary Prayer┬álast summer, I’ve been continuing to find better ways to stay focused and pray my 5 decades a day… see Reluctant to Regular Rosary Prayer for 5 Practical tips!


Although we have these fine Rosary Craft Kits (and Journal Stamps!) available in our shop: Rosary Crafts at Arma Dei, I’ve been looking for a smaller prayer counter…when my hands are otherwise occupied and can’t slide the beads of a Rosary.

I find a cute little 4″ square wood frame canvas at the dollarstore, printed out a small version of my Mary Icon and collected a pipe cleaner and some pony beads.

The 3″ print fits nicely within the frame and the 3″ opening is wide enough to accommodate 10 pony beads threaded on a pipe cleaner.

The unfinished wood was a little gnarly so I sanded it down lightly with an emery board (sandpaper) and painted it with acrylic paint.

I threaded 10 pony beads for one decade of prayers and threaded 5 pony beads for the 5 decades, because…sometime I can actually forget which decade I’m on as I say the prayers throughout the day!

The little wood frame could be smoother…it could also be embellished with washi tape, but it’s a nice little Rosary Prayer counter that I can leave on the counter or desk as I do other things, praying as I go.

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  1. Thanks Heatherle! I really like how it turned out…I hope it’s a great addition to your prayer life. Happy crafting. =)

  2. Heatherle Chambers says:

    A kitchen rosary! What a wonderful way to personalize that style of prayer counter. I know what my weekend Catholic Craft with my youngest will be this week. (and I am asking for that rosary stamp for Mother’s Day)

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