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Traditions to start in this Ordinary Time!

Build your own Family Culture and Traditions…and start during Ordinary Time!

(1) Collect family artifacts and treasures: keep a collection of family documents, classic photos, newspaper articles, certificates, letters from the toothfairy or letters to Santa, programs from funeral Masses, graduations, wedding invitations, birthday invitations, letters of acceptance, report cards…even if they are photocopies of the real thing!  This is what we created our Family Treasure Chest for!
These and other family-centric activities, crafts and traditions can be found in A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.
(2)  Create a a family journal with entries about family trips, occasions (check out this Faith Journal!) or give everyone a prompting question to reflect on, journal or draw about…share them and keep the collection together.  Try 150 Quick Questions to Get Your Kids Talking or a similar book.
Some people use index cards or postcards like Design Sponge
or a family guestbook for friends to write or draw in!

(3)  Create a Perpetual calendar. Record birthdays, Sacrament dates, dates of family firsts, family events and loved ones passing… in a month-by-month format.  Some people use index cards like this.
(You can show the current month in a frame for dry erase…but the dates are fun to look at year after year).  You can buy this Catholic Family Calendar in the Arma Dei Shoppe!

Some people use a rollodex like Scrap and Stamp with Mary

(4) Make a family tree.
Check out this Free Downloadable Family Tree from Hand in Hand with Jesus.

(5) string together (or hole punch) favorite cards, friend’s Christmas pictures like Simple Mom

The same can be done with postcards or  memory catcher cards, (family journalling…everyone answers the same question in words or drawing). Find it in  A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.

(6) Conduct video interviews with relatives and combine them in family videos.
Even a ‘no frills’ slideshow of family photos will be treasured for years.
(7) start a shoebox of love letters for each child or Godchild,

(8)  establish family night, movie night, board game night, seasonal sports event, karaoke…
(9)   Build your family repertoire of prayer, collect family prayers and make up new ones!  Gather favorite family prayers…record memorized prayers or spontaneous prayers; collect Saint prayer cards and other classic prayers and keep them in a prayer bank.  Check out the Prayer Bank Craft Kit!

Read or Memorize Scripture…
Read the Bible in a Year!

(10) Scrapbook with year-in-view photos!  Let each child work on their own scrapbook!

Scrapbook a family story

1. Build your own Family Culture and Traditions: collect family artifacts and treasures, create family trivia, perpetual calendar, family tree, string together (or hole punch) favorite cards, memory catcher cards, start a shoebox of love letters for each child or Godchild, make a quilt of favorite (outgrown) clothes
2. Build your family repertoire of prayer, collect family prayers, make up new ones, prayer bank
3. Tackle the Catechism…bingo, catcher, cube,
4. Memorize Scripture (how to memorize scripture book), establish a Bible in a year habit, record favorite verses…leave them in a box in the car or bathroom (captive audience) or tape to mirror, fridge…
5. Refocus Family Priorities, revisit organization techniques…even if it means chore charts!
6. Establish weekly bonding events…movie night, board game night, seasonal sports events
7. Refocus on Mass time preparation…read the readings beforehand, review the new text of the Mass
8. Scrapbook, take pictures in front of a blank wall…add text of age, height, favorites…
9. Hunt for miracles
10. celebrate the extraordinary events…family firsts

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