#HPparty : Our 11year-old’s Hogwarts Orientation Party plus FREE Printable

Here at Equipping Catholic Families, we usually post about Catholic crafts, activities and traditions to help celebrate the Catholic Faith at home. As a family, we also happen to be avid Harry Potter fans….and epic backyard birthday party planners. This post shows how we combined the two (and made a 36-page FREE printable in the process). I know that some of my subscribers may not be big Harry Potter fans and I’m just hoping that you’ll consider reading this really great article  by Kendra at Catholic All Year before you post an angry or concerned comment about the dangers of Harry Potter.

To other Harry Potter fans, you’ll be happy to know that

Our #HPparty ~ Hogwarts Orientation Party was a super-fun success!

Bridget just turned 11 and had her much-anticipated Hogwarts Orientation Party! Following in her siblings’ footsteps, she diligently waited until she was 11 years old to visit Pottermore for her official House selection. Since some of the guests were not yet 11, Bridget insisted that we forego the official Sorting Hat ceremony, so we decided to have an Orientation Party.

We welcomed them to our own Diagon Alley to collect Hogwarts school supplies (including wands, magical pets and potions) and receive initial training for Spells, Potions and Quidditch. We had plenty of Sweets & Treats inspired by Honeydukes.

I did what I do…and designed some templates for signs and tags and compiled them all into a 36 page #HPParty Printable that YOU can have for FREE.

Scroll down for more details of what’s in the #HPParty Printable!

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Now…for the party pics!

Our Invitations were obviously formatted as Acceptance Letters inviting them to the Hogwarts Orientation in our backyard Diagon Alley. (Invitation Templates are included in the #HPparty Printable)

Our wands were made from DollarStore Bamboo sticks (12/$2), detailed with a glue gun and paint. We formatted descriptions of the wands and tied them on with twine. We added each guest’s name to the back of the tag so we could tell the wands apart at the party. (Wand descriptions are included in the #HPparty Printable)

The magical pets were a big hit. They were all super cute and the girls all liked them!

We also made paper bag cages to display them in the Magical Menagerie. (Paper Bag Cage Instructions are included in the #HPparty Printable)

We took a trip to the Bulk Barn and bought an assortment of interesting candy and gave them Harry Potter-ish names.

We actually printed some drink labels from some other websites before the party, but ended up designing our own for the #HPparty Printable.


We also later added some First Year Textbook Covers within the B&W templates of the #HPparty Printable.


We finished the party off with an introductory practice in Quidditch.












The #HPparty Printable

includes general tips and tutorials for a Hogswarts Orientation Party, along with templates and tips for

  • Invitations,
  • House Scarves,
  • Wands
  • Potions and Spells
  • Paper Bag LootBags
  • Magical Pets and Paper Bag Cages
  • Sweets & Treats Labels
  • Drinks and Potions Labels
  • Direction and Proclamation Signs,
  • First Year Textbook Spines
  • Quidditch practice

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This ain’t our first Buckbeak rodeo. We have made Gryffindor Scarves, Golden Snitch Ornaments, Harry Potter costumes (FYI: grade 12 grad gowns make excellent wizarding robes), gryffindor ties and a couple HP parties including a Patronus Party and several movie marathons with Hogsmeade refreshments. The next HP Parties are going to be even easier now that we have the #HPparty Printable.


  1. Jodi Stauffer says:

    I’s like to thank you for sharing your awesome creativity.. with the Harry Potter party theme as well as all the other ideas and creations you come up wit! I am constantly amazed (& inspired) when i check out your site!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift of designing, collaborating and teaching in such a creative way!
    Than you for offering this theme for free as well .. I jumped at the chance to download and after I did I notice the font was kinda funny… letters overlapping each other all scrunched together .. I checked out the pictures you posted and it wasn’t the same .. I know from experience that pdf’s don’t always transfer the correct font so my question is what font did you use on the labels (for the snacks) most everything else seemed to come through .. except the practice potion spells and the titles (in the prep/explanation part of the download- I assume that is the potter font as I recognize it as something similar what’s already in my font file 🙂 )

    anyway.. I apologize if I have confused you in my question/explanation…
    I attempted but it will not allow me to attach pictures to this forum, was hoping that would offer better explanation.

    Again thank you for this great resource!!

    Peace & blessings,
    ~ jodi stauffer ♥

    • So good to know, Jodi! I had no idea because it looks fine on my screen. I will save the PDF with curves and I’ll email you to download the revised PDF!

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve loved your blog and crafts, and I must say that I’m surprised by your support of Harry Potter books. I don’t think I need to go into detail here about how they’re antithetical to Catholic teaching and how they can open the door to the occult, as there has been much discussion and debate over it in Catholic circles. I think Catholics have a better choice in Raymond Arroyo’s Wil Wilder series, though there are only two out right now. I pray that the Holy Spirit guide you to the narrow path.

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