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The Golden Snitch Christmas Ornament

Yes, I made Gryffindor Scarves for the Harry Potter fans in my family
for the last 2 Harry Potter movies.
I created a little something special for our Christmas trees.
I found little miniature gold ornaments at the dollar store…
they even had glittery swirls on them already!
I found the wire-edged ribbon at the dollar store…
and I happened to have the glitter glue and gold glitter on hand.
I wasn’t sure how to make the wings at first…
and I considered the glittered paper version in the tutorial from
When I realized that I only needed the wire on one edge…
I found that the wire ribbon worked perfectly!

I found that after I cut a simple wing shape from the ribbon, I could tuck the wire ends in behind the ornament clasp at the top.  I reinforced the connection with hot glue. I didn’t like the straight white lines on the white wire ribbon, so I drew my own lines with glue and glitter,  to look more like the official Golden Snitch.   I was so excited…I didn’t really draw the lines very carefully, so they could be a little neater (thinner) and more consistent for a more Golden-Snitchy look.
I found the cute curly ornament hangers at the dollar store (they could be spray painted gold),
as well as the dollar store boxes for easy wrapping and storage.

The box says “I open at the close”…just like the Golden Snitch in the 7th book….
just in case anyone needs an extra clue
for what this little Christmas ornament really is…for years to come!
Guess which Harry Potter fans were the first to receive their very own Golden Snitch!?

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