TY Saints dolls

A few years ago, dollar stores were selling off
TY Teenie Beanie Bopper dolls.
My friend Lucia began collecting these dolls and turning them into her family’s favorite saints!
She told me how she found the little accessories at dollar stores and craft shops.
Her 7 kids love playing with the dolls and learning about the saints.
She even sent me one of them…Blessed¬†John Paul 2!

I also found the dolls at a few dollar stores and began collecting them and appropriate accessories.  The clothes can be sewn or put together with fabric glue.

Watch for future posts
showcasing these saint dolls
on their Feast Days!

Anyone have any ideas for other dolls
that can be purchased cheaply
and transformed into Holy Heroes?
Please leave a comment!


  1. Wow…I’m so honored that you are taking on this project! I would love to see your St Francis and St George as soon as you’re ready to show them!

  2. I’ve had good luck finding the beanie dolls at goodwill and other second hand stores. I started looking after seeing your blog. I working on St Francis and the wolf after finding a beanie baby wolf and hope to tackle
    St George and the dragon soon.
    from Sacramento CA

  3. Teri at Soft Saints is a friend of ours! Her dolls are beautiful! We have a Baby Jesus and a Padre Pio. They are a little pricey…but top quality!

  4. Christine says:

    You can get gorgeous pre-made soft saint dolls at SoftSaints.com. A wonderful woman somewhere in the midwest makes them. You can get them directly from her or through Catholic Child and Leaflet Missal catalogues. We purchase them and give them as prizes during our Bible Camp.

  5. any other ideas for dolls? since these beanie ones are all retired?? I have been trying to hunt down soft saint dolls for almost a year. I think my kids would love them and this is a fantastic idea!!

  6. they seem to be quite irresistable to kids…check out the pictures on the
    St Patrick TY doll post!

  7. This is such a wonderful idea. It certainly is a project, but my kids would probably actually play with the dolls if they were saints. Ours just sit in a bin for the past couple years. Thanks again!

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