Apostle Painted Saints

It has been a while since I crafted something, so this week I painted a set of Apostles as part of my #paintedsaint collection. They are the small ones…measuring just under 1 3/4″. They’re not perfect, because it’s difficult painting detail with toothpicks, but I think that that adds to their charm.

I picked up this awesome little house shelf…and it’s got lots more room for more painted saints! I actually already have a painted St. Jude and a St. Peter, but I decided to make the full collection of apostles as a set, including Judas (and Matthias who replaced him). I tried to vary the hair, the beards and the clothing, but I deliberately didn’t include their symbols…if they were indicative of their death. I wanted to show them as they were…as imperfect disciples.

I did want to make them easily identifiable…so I printed out these symbols from this page (Thanks St. Paul’s United!) …colored them with pencil crayon and rescanned them.

I decided to put their shields hanging on their backs…like little Apostolic backpacks.

I think they turned out super-cute!

Here are the Apostles hunkering down in the Upper Room on Holy Saturday. Yes, that’s a Fisher Price castle I picked up at a Thrift Shop and can’t seem to let go of.

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