Feast of St Padre Pio!

A year ago, I was in ROME on the Feast Day of St Padre Pio!

In addition to all the extraordinary things I saw and experienced on my pilgrimage, I did something I’ve never done before while travelling! I extended my trip for 3 extra days…and changed my return plane ticket on the fly!  Those three extra days enabled me to join Mike and Sue and Katherine of St Gemma’s Catholic Pilgrimages (www.takeapilgrimage.com) and take an extra pilgrimage to San Rotundo to see St Padre Pio!

We took a taxi,  2 trains and 2 buses…

to San Rotundo

and in about 9 hours we made it to San Rotundo where St Padre lived, preached and heard confessions.

St Padre Pio Shrine at night

We got settled and trekked over to the Church for the Vigil Celebration of St Francis of Assisi!

San Rotundo


…and in the morning, we eagerly walked to the Shrine.


Winding down the mosaic-clad path, we saw beautiful artwork depicting the lives of St Padre Pio…and St Francis of Assisi …and a number of saints…

St Padre Pio relics

I wandered through displays of relics and saw 2 of St Padre Pio’s confessionals and displays of his humble belongings and his room.

St Padre Pio

I was forever changed by seeing his mostly incorrupt body from 6″ away (behind glass).  You can see his face perfectly…and every hair of his beard and eyebrows. His skin looks so healthy, I almost expected him to wink at me.

St Padre Pio


Learn about St Padre Pio….and check out Feast Day Fun: St Padre Pio!  St Padre Pio




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  1. I love Padre Pio! Thank you for sharing your journey!

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