Equipping Catholic Families…for 50 Days of Easter!

Alleluia! He has Risen!

This is our summary post of sustainable celebration for all 50 days of Easter including non-chocolate surprises and treats for plastic eggs and awesome Catholic crafts and family traditions, but first things first…did you know that we’ve released
Prompt Me to Pray through Easter as a PDF and as a printed booklet shipped to you?

Prompt Me to Pray through EASTER journeys through the 50 days of Easter, including Divine Mercy Sunday, the Ascension of Jesus, and ending on the Solemnity of Pentecost. It’s a 44-page booklet with scripture, illustrations, and prayer prompts offering dispositions or practices for deeper prayer. Reflections include: Grateful Unshakeable Joy, Abiding in His Presence, Courageous Vulnerability, Trust in the Divine Mercy of Jesus, Humble Surrender, Bold Confidence in God’s Love and Enkindled with Extravagant Grace.

Prompt Me to Pray through Easter
(PDF Instant Download)

PDF Download

Prompt Me to Pray through Easter
Printed Booklet)



While this first week is the very holy Octave of Easter ending with Divine Mercy Sunday this weekend, we will continue to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus for a whole 50 Days until the Solemnity of Pentecost (the Birthday of the Church!)

No abstinence from meat this Friday due to these extra holy days!

Even though the Easter candy has long since been removed from store shelves, the challenge is to keep going with the Catholic Crafts and activities for the full season of Easter! We’ve compiled some of our trusty Catholic crafts that can be created and assembled ONCE and pulled out year after year!

We had a little extra coloring time this past Holy Week, so we now have the Holy Week/Triduum in colored posters to post in our front window!
These are from CatholicArtworks

Divine Mercy

We’re in the middle of the NOVENA of the Divine Mercy…leading up to Divine Mercy Sunday this coming weekend!


Divine Mercy Abacus with Novena Prayer Carousel Craft Kit

Hands-On Prayer and Color Me Catholic as I pray!

Divine Mercy Craft Kit There are 18 templates in this kit…from prayer wheels to booklets to prayer petal flowers to coloring pages, this craft kit is designed to help kids of all ages participate in this devotion and draw closer to Jesus, appreciating His huge Sacrifice for us and His Divine Mercy. It even includes templates to track the whole 9-day Novena!

This beautiful Divine Mercy poster is from Catholic Artworks

Divine Mercy Coloring

Catholic Peg Dolls


Easter Set of Printable Pegs

Printable Painted Saints from Catholic Icing and DIY stage sets made from egg cartons and ice cream tubs.

Cat Grass Easter Garden

We used Cat Grass seeds to make our Resurrection Garden…perfect for our Painted Saints!


The Liturgical Season of Easter ends on the Feast of Pentecost!

We’ve got a special craft kit with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit! Come Holy Spirit! (Holy Spirit Spinwheel)

The Easter Season often encompasses many of the First Communion and Confirmation celebrations at Parishes.

Equipping Catholic Families…for Sacrament Season!


Looking for reNEWed Prayer Life this Easter Season?

Rosary Refresher

The Easy as Abacus Rosary is an awesome Catholic craft and tool to keep kids involved, saying the Rosary as a family! All our original artwork is included in the PDF!


The Mysteries of the Rosary Craft Kit is packed with innovative, kid-magnet illustrations and crafts to help kids say the Rosary! It includes lace-up booklets and our innovative revolving rosary…all packed with our original Kelly Saints artwork!

Works of Mercy Craft Kit

The Works of Mercy Craft Kit… featuring the Kelly Saints! More than 10 recommended crafts to make from FIVE different templates contained in the kit! You’ll love to see the Kelly Saints…tackling the Works of Mercy!

Make the Works of Mercy Carousel or Accordion tabletop display or craft unique Votive candles. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is in there too!


Want to celebrate the Saints?

Cookie Cutter Saints  are great for celebrating patron saint Feast Days or Confirmation Saints!

Feast Day Fun Gallery of Saints Activities and Crafts

Finally! Quality Saints Comics! The Saints Chronicles

Top 20 Saints Books

SAINTS Rubber Stamps at Prayer Impressions Journal Stamp Shoppe

Super Saints Prints

Last Minute Saints Crafts and Deco

Painted Saints

Apostle Painted Saints

Stage and Store Painted Saints

Paint a Saint


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