Equipping Catholic Families…for First Holy Communion

I know that this picture is a little fuzzy, but isn’t it cute?

That was Bridget making her first Holy Communion a few years ago. We are now preparing for our 5th kid Adam to make his first Holy Communion this April and I thought I’d share some of our favorite resources!


The Mass Book is a wonderful journal/activity book to help kids stay attentive and focused at Mass! This beautiful Mass Journal offers 3 straight-forward, repeated templates throughout the book with nice illustrations, big print and ample space to record key words and prayers, draw, color and check boxes for good behavior.

Read our Review of the Mass Book here or purchase The Mass Book through our Amazon affiliate link*

A Missal for Little Ones might be a little young for your First Communicant, but it still helps those of us with reluctant readers! Although the Missal does not offer more than short snippets of the official responses, it offers simple explanations of each part of the Mass, likely more engaging and helpful to guide young readers through the Mystery of the Mass. Simple instructions and illustrations guide little ones to genuflect and make the sign of the cross correctly and sit, stand or kneel at the appropriate times. Quick little prayers are woven throughout, joined by some classic prayers at the back of the book to help kids enter into prayer. A cute little dot border at the bottom of each page marks the progress of the Mass, giving kids a healthy perspective on the length of the Mass.

Read our Review of A Missal for Little Ones or purchase A Missal for Little Ones through our Amazon Affiliate link*


For your avid-reader First Communicant, I would recommend the Living with Christ Sunday Missal for Young Catholics*. We don’t actually have it for 2017-2018, but I’ve seen other kids following along with the Mass, in the next pew.

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and just for fun: Our First Communion Dress …made by the Pope’s Cousin!

Craft Kits

Preparation for our youngest child to receive the Holy Eucharist for the very first time, gave us an excuse to create our new Holy Communion Reader craft kit!

The Sacraments with the Saints Holy Communion Reader adds nicely to the Reconciliation Reader!

The Holy Communion: Sacraments with the Saints Craft Kit features fill-in-the-blanks and writing prompts for Holy Communion: capturing what they have learned and what they’d like to remember. The 32-page Reader format is printed in black and white and easily embellished with full color clipart! Kelly SaintsTM clipart included in the kit and can be assembled as an 8.5″x5.5″ booklet, Paper Carousel or Table Accordion. $15 PDF Download available at the Arma Dei Shoppe:




Our original Journey with Jesus through Reconciliation and Holy Communion is still available in case you like the innovative Accordion format better.


Journey with Jesus through Reconciliation and Holy Communion

Reflection questions, Catechisms questions and Kelly Comics clipart to scrapbook through Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Instructions are included to create a unique accordion scrapbook, but templates lend themselves well to any scrapbook, homemade or store-bought!

$13 PDF Download available at the Arma Dei Shoppe:






Lace-Up Missal Craft Kit

This illustrated folded paper church template includes the main responses of the people at Mass. Printed, folded and hole-punched, a child can thread the lace through the responses, keeping them focused (and their little hands busy) at Mass.

$13 PDF Download is available at the Arma Dei Shoppe:




Play Mass Kit

The Play Mass Kit offers itemized ordering information for our favorite wood company to compile your own heirloom wooden Play Mass Kit easily for about $20! Special tips are presented in a picture tutorial within the kit! Purchase the wooden pieces separately.



…and just in case you’ll be sneaking your First Communicant back to Reconciliation shortly before the First Holy Communion like we will be, the Reconciliation Prep Printable is a healthy refresher for subsequent confessions!


The Reconciliation Prep Printable has also just been updated with our Kelly Saints Jesus!

The Reconciliation Prep Craft Kit is 14 pages including cover, instructions and multiple full color and coloring page templates: 2 versions of the Act of Contrition (in various layouts), Sacrament Format, Examination of Conscience template (based on the 10 Commandments), Confession log, facts, prayers and prompts. $6 PDF Download available at the Arma Dei Shoppe:




Sacrament Gifts

Looking to create a meaningful, treasured gift to help remember and celebrate your child’s First Holy Communion?

The Prayer-Loom Prayer Book Printable is helpful for each Sacrament that your child makes…and you only need to buy it once to make these beautiful heirloom Sacrament keepsakes for each of your children.

Use a Scrapbook album and continue to add to their Prayer-Loom Prayer Book with each Sacrament!

The Prayer-Loom Prayer Book Craft Kit features 7 pages of prayers and illustrated prayer cards, a Faith mentor template to record insights and prayers from loved ones, along with helpful tips and links to make this Heirloom Prayer-Loom Prayer Book a keepsake Sacrament gift and prayer journal. $13 PDF Download available at the Arma Dei Shoppe:

…and a Catholic gift that they won’t get from anyone else:

Super Saints Quizzing Cards in a Saint-Stamped Bag!

These Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and  quantifiable facts and a short biography for quizzing and friendly war card games. Stamped Canvas Bag: Mother Mary, Jesus, St. Joseph, St. Therese, St. John Paul II
Deck of Super Saints and a Stamped Canvas Bag: $14 + shipping: available in the Arma Dei Shoppe:

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