Review: A Missal for Little Ones

Review: A Missal for Little Ones

Available at Magnificat/Ignatius Press

Missal cover

This is a beautiful little Missal for kids. The pictures are cute and colorful, making the Missal a helpful book for little ones who cannot yet read. Although the Missal does not offer more than short snippets of the official responses, it offers simple explanations of each part of the Mass, likely more engaging and helpful to guide young readers through the Mystery of the Mass.

missal blessing

Simple instructions and illustrations guide little ones to genuflect and make the sign of the cross correctly and sit, stand or kneel at the appropriate times.

Missal Lamb of God

I like how the pictures are used to link the gestures of the priest with the sitting, standing or kneeling of the people.

missal prayers

Quick little prayers are woven throughout, joined by some classic prayers at the back of the book to help kids enter into prayer.

A cute little dot border at the bottom of each page marks the progress of the Mass, giving kids a healthy perspective on the length of the Mass.

Missal closeup

This little Missal won’t really help early readers to learn the proper responses (they’ll need a different Missal or summary sheet for that), but it may give them a better understanding of the meaning of the Mass. These simpler explanations are often hard to extract from the official text of the Mass.

missal end of mass


We’ve been bringing A Missal for Little Ones to Mass with us for 5 year old Adam. He can’t read yet, and it takes some heroics to get him to not flop all over the pew, but I think he likes having his own little Missal. The pictures are super-cute and his big sister Bridget guides him a little on the way.

Missal for Little Ones back cover

A Missal for Little Ones is available through the Magnificat Bookstore or Ignatius Press. We received our complimentary copy in exchange for our honest review.


lace upFor a cute, illustrated summary sheet of the proper responses, check out the Lace-Up Missal! All the basic prayers and responses are formatted into a paper Church; A shoe lace can be used to lace through the responses, keeping track of the progress of the Mass.


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  1. Sandra Pruess says:

    Looks like a wonderful missalette–Cost?

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