7 Obscure Ways to Celebrate First Holy Communion


— 1 —

Communion dress BW

Let the First Communicant wear a First Communion dress crocheted by the Pope’s cousin.

It’s true. Bridget will be wearing our family First Communion dress. It’s not satiny or even very long like the other girls’ First Communion dresses, but it was lovingly made by our adopted-Grandma Elizabeth, married to the first cousin of St John Paul II.

Elizabeth actually made the First Communion dress for Emily and a smaller version of the same dress for Kelly so that she wouldn’t feel too left out on Emily’s big day.

The smaller dress has a pink slip and sash…and Bridget wore it to Adam’s Baptism four years ago!

— 2 —

Bridget 2

Let the First Communicant get her ears pierced. We decided to let Bridget get her ears pierced in honor of her First Communion. There were little crosses available, but she opted for the sparkly diamonds. I’m sure someone could come up with a connection between getting ears pierced and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time…we’re loosely connecting it as a little rite of passage, celebrating her First Holy Communion and her birthday.

— 3 —


Photo from “Easy Bake Oven for Adults” at www.stationedingermany.com

Let the First Communicant cook her own dinner! Celebrate a special family dinner with a Raclette! We received this awesome indoor grill as a 10th anniversary present and it’s so fun to use! We have to be careful with the younger crowd, but we have actually hosted a Raclette dinner with another family…navigating 10 kids and 4 adults and no one got burned! The Raclette offers a neat dinner experience…and our First Communicant will have a place of honor at the table…and will feel very mature as she cooks her own food.

— 4 —

PrayerLoom Prayer Book in progress

Let the First Communicant be inspired by the Faith of her family and friends. Collect the favorite prayers, saints and messages from your family and friends for the First Communicant. We made a Prayer-Loom Prayer Book…and we will add messages from First Communion cards and photos from the day.

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Cousin Marg submitted her special notes, favorite prayers and Saint… and First Communion memory with her own original watercolor illustrations! What a treasure!

PrayerLoom First Communion

— 5 —

Grandma making veil

Let the First Communicant wear a homemade veil. OK, so here is where I admit that I have lost the First Communion veil. My mom is busy delicately sewing the hem for a new veil …with little pearls at every inch along the edge. It’s beautiful. My mom is the best.

— 6 —

Bridget and Axel

Let the First Communicant attend someone else’s First Communion.  We attended my Godson’s First Communion two weeks ago and I was impressed to see how well the kids were prepared to receive the Holy Eucharist at this other parish…and delighted to see how happy Axel was on his big day. Congratulations, Axel!

I can’t believe I don’t have any pictures(!) of Axel’s First Communion…but this is a picture of Bridget with my Godson Axel …back in 2008 (along with Axel’s brother Max on the left and our Joseph on the right).  Axel and Bridget were born 2 weeks apart!

— 7 —

Let the First Communicant lead and serve!

Some First Communicants are allowed to begin training to be an altar server (depending on the rules at your Parish)

Some First Communicants now begin to lead a special decade of the family Rosary.

Some First Communicants are assigned to escort their little sibling to the Children’s Liturgy…even when they will no longer attend!

Bridget on her head

Let the First Communicant stand on her head…OK, only if she wants to.  I’m required to disclose that Bridget does not need the wall to lean against while standing on her head, but I insisted on the wall for a backdrop…looks like I took a few too many shots!

How will YOU celebrate First Communion in YOUR family?


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  1. Virginia says:

    How fun! My husband and I joined the Church this past Easter, so our eldest daughter, who is 11.5 celebrated her First Communion the Saturday before Mother’s Day. We’d never attended a First Communion before and I was just blown away by the beauty and tradition of it all. I love the history behind the dress and that your mom is making the veil! Congrats to your daughter!

  2. Our 3 older girls have worn their Grandma’s vintage First Communion dress! It’s ivory instead of white, and definitely not satiny or blingy like a lot of the new ones, but it was very special. And of course, free. 😉 Congratulations to your daughter celebrating her First Communion!

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