Pope Posts continued: The First Communion Dress

So, you heard about how the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II received a copy of my book from our friend Elizabeth, and how Elizabeth knitted outfits for my kids as her penance from the Pope.  
Well, Elizabeth kept on knitting! She even crocheted a First Communion dress for Emily.  Needless to say, all three of our girls will have worn this dress for their First Holy Communion and we will keep it …for their own girls someday.
Elizabeth didn’t stop when she completed the dress for Emily.
You see, Kelly came with me often to visit Elizabeth and Elizabeth had a special love for Kelly. She didn’t want Kelly to feel left out on Emily’s big First Communion day, so she crocheted a smaller version of the dress for Kelly to wear…but insisted that my Mom make a PINK slip and sash for Kelly’s dress, to make it different from the First Communion dress. 
In those days Kelly loved the color pink…and so Elizabeth made all her sweaters and hats and blankets pink…and affectionately called her “Pinkie”.
Here is Bridget with her two brothers.
We love these dresses…and we were so pleased to have Bridget wear “Pinkie’s dress” at Adam’s Baptism…and she will no doubt wear the First Communion dress next year!
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  1. Those dresses are gorgeous! What an heirloom!

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