Divine Mercy Craft Kit Coloring!

It’s Holy Thursday and a Snow Day up here in Canada, so we have taken the opportunity to color the B&W templates of our new Divine Mercy Craft Kit…just in time for the Novena that starts tomorrow on Good Friday!

Colorers Divine Mercy Craft Kit

The Divine Mercy Craft Kit includes 18 different templates to help keep track of the prayers and the Novena days of this special Devotion!

Even our at-home printer can handle the black and white templates and the white cover stock paper I had on hand can totally endure watercolor painting! I know! I’ve done it before! The ink does not run!

prayer tracker

We used pencil crayons and markers to achieve the solid blocks of color.

Lace-Up Novena Tracker

I actually used a combination of Artists Loft watercolor pencils and my travel watercolor set including refillable watercolor paint brushes. I was really impressed with how easy they are to work with and how fun they are to use! The trick is to color in the drawing as you would with regular pencil crayons…and then use a refillable paint brush (you could totally use regular watercolor paint brushes or even dollar store paint brushes)…to blend the color strokes for a nice watercolor look.

Divine Mercy Prayer Petal Flower

See how the color strokes blend into a watercolor effect?

You’re going to love the Divine Mercy Prayer Petal Flower…

The neat thing about the Prayer Petal Flowers template is that it’s great for little colorers! They can color outside the lines all they want as the pieces will be cut out and assembled…and will look fantastic!

Crucifix Divine Mercy Prayer Counter

The Divine Mercy Craft Kit includes a number of templates…for different age groups and different levels and techniques of coloring! We’re planning on laminating a couple of these…and either hole-punching them for lace-up activities…or letting Adam mark each laminated prayer counter with dry erase or washable markers. In any case, we’ll be able to use these templates over and over, especially for the NINE days of the Novena starting tomorrow!

Novena Tracker

Would you like to purchase the Divine Mercy Craft Kit? You can print at home TODAY…and color it or use it on the first day of the Divine Mercy Novena TOMORROW!

This kit includes 18 templates! Here they are:

Lace-Up Novena Day Tracker (color and B&W)
Novena Tracker & Prayer Spinwheel (color and B&W)
Divine Mercy Prayer Counter Cards (B&W)
Crucifix/Divine Mercy Prayer Counter Cards (B&W)
Divine Mercy Crucifix Prayer Counter (color and B&W)
Divine Mercy Prayer Counter (color and B&W)
5 Decade Prayer Counter Page (B&W)
Divine Mercy Prayer Petal Flower (B&W)
Divine Mercy Spiritual Bouquet clipart (B&W)
Divine Mercy Prayer Counter Coloring Page (B&W)
Divine Mercy/ St Faustina Mercy Cards (color and B&W)
Works of Mercy/Mother of Mercy Cards (color and B&W)

Divine Mercy Cover


According to the diary of Saint Faustina, Jesus states that those who say the Divine Mercy Novena and go to confession and receive Holy Communion (on or around the same time) shall obtain the total forgiveness of all sins and punishment.

Divine Mercy with the Kelly Saints Craft Kit

$15 PDF


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