Top 20 Saints Books

These are the 20 Saints Books I pulled from my shelves. I love the Saints and I find that this collection of books has helped my whole family delve into the lives of the Saints, satisfy our research projects on the saints, choose our own patron saints and foster the love and devotion we have for them.

saints books

Saints Books for Kids

Book of Saints Gift Set Books 1-12 (Catholic Book Publishing) ages 8-9

  • I’ve had some or all of these books over the years, passed on to us from a little private Catholic school that closed. These are sweet little books with good bios of collections of saints.

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Pick a Saint, Any Saint! (Brenda and George Nippert)

Lots of excellent Saints resources at Catholic Artworks

  • This is a super fun book of 52 Short Stories of Saints organized as the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades of a playing card deck. The hearts are the lovers, mystics and visionaries; the clubs include the saints who were key leaders in religious orders, the diamonds are super stars including the Apostles and the early martyrs and the spades are the workers who perfected the works of mercy. The unique illustrations are beautifully detailed and modern and will definitely entice readers to enjoy the comprehensive biographies of each saint.

Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times (Meghan Bausch) ages 4-8

  • 19 holy men, women and children of modern times are presented in catchy rhymes and beautiful and colorful, mixed media illustrations. Most of those featured are canonized saints, although there are a few blessed, a venerable and a living visionary included; all very inspiring!

Can You Find the Saints? Philip Gallery(author) Janet Harlow(illustrator) ages 7-10 Book REVIEW

  • This is the Saint Version of Find Waldo Now and it’s super fun, jammed-packed with adorable illustrations and a surprising amount of information about the saints.

first book of saints

Catholic Saints for Children  Anne–-Sophie Du Bouëtiez (author), Bénédicte Lefebvre (illustrator) ages 7-10 

  • This is an elegant little book with beautiful watercolor illustrations, eloquent stories of the lives of 30 saints, along with a prayer or meditation either quoted or written in the spirit of the Saint.

First Book of Saints (Rev. Lawrence Lovasik) ages 4-8

  • 46 Saints easy to read biographies are presented with colorful, realistic and inviting illustrations

My First Book of Saints (Kathleen Muldoon and Susan Wallace FSP, illustrated by Tom Kinarney and Patricia Mattozzi) ages 5-8 Book Review

  • This is a beautiful, full color book with nicely written biographies and soft and sweetly drawn illustrations featuring over 60 Saints!

saints for girls and boys

Saints for Girls (Susan Weaver, illustrated by Catherine Barnes) ages 5-8

  • 10 female saints are presented with simple stories and sweet illustrations (some color; some black and white). Each chapter tells a story about a different saint and extra prayers are included at the back of the book.

Saints for Boys (Alma Savage, illustrated by William Rutherfoord) ages 5-8

  • 10 male saints are presented with simple stories and sweet illustrations (some color; some black and white). Each chapter tells a story about a different saint and extra prayers are included at the back along with preparation for confession.

Saints Books for Babies

cloud of witnesses

Cloud of Witnesses (Katie Warner, author; Meg Whalen, illustrator) NEW! Book REVIEW

  • I really like the simple and colorful illustrations of the 11 Saints and that the text about each saint focuses on a simple and profound quote expressing one of their most key teachings.

There are a few other Saints Board Books out there, but I don’t actually have any of these three:

Saints Books for Teens

These three books have been our ‘go-to’ saints research books for quick reference for saints projects and choosing a confirmation saint!

saints books for research early readers

Illustrated Lives of the Saints (Catholic Book Publishing) ages 9 and up

  • We have only the first volume of this 2 volume series, but we use it a lot! There are substantial biographies for all of the saints and over 80 color illustrations. There is at least one saint presented for each day of the year, organized by the date of the celebration of their Feast Day, and each profile ends with a short prayer.

Saints for Young Readers for Every Day Volumes 1 and 2 (Susan Wallace, illustrated by Jamie Aven) ages 9-12

  • These two books are also organized by Feast Day, with at least one saint presented for each day of the year. The substantial biographies describe the lives of the saints and a prayer is included to suggest what we might learn from each particular saint or how we might ask them to intercede for us.


Saints Books for Adults

saints books for moms

A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms (Lisa Hendey)

  • I love the selection of Saints and Blesseds that Lisa has chosen to highlight and the insightful way she presents them, one companion for your heart, mind, body and soul, for each of the 52 weeks of the year! Each week-long study includes the story of the saint, lessons we can learn, traditions and wisdom from the saint, a week’s worth of short scripture readings and reflections, prayers and something to ponder.

The Book of Saints and Heroes (Andrew and Lenora Lang)

  • 23 Saints are presented in action-packed legends and exciting true stories. A few black and white illustrations are scattered throughout rich story-telling that will capture your attention through memorable tales.

The Franciscan Saints (Robert Ellsberg) Book REVIEW

  • Not only are there the mainstream Franciscan Saints starting with St. Francis of Assisi himself and one of his first followers St. Clare, but the list includes St. Anthony of Padua, St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Pio of Pietrelcina. These big name saints…as well as about 100 less familiar saints and not yet canonized holy people are included in this book as faithful Franciscans of one form or another.

My Badass Book of Saints (Maria Morera Johnson)

  • Entertaining accounts of spiritual mentors and saints who demonstrated bravery, integrity, selflessness, perseverance and hope, mixed with personal stories from the author.

Real Women, Real Saints (Gina Loehr)

  • Over 100 female saints are presented with succinct biographies with respect to the way they lived their lives as Women of Faith, Hope, Charity, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance.

Saint of the Day (Leonard Foley OFM, editor)

  • This book includes an excellent short biography of a saint, (at least one) for each day of the year, along with a suggestion about how the saint’s life is relevant to our own. Each entry finishes with special quote from Scripture or from the saint (or another spiritual writer) to prompt further reflection.

Seven Saints for Seven Virtues (Jean Heimann)

  • St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Agnes, St. John Paul II, St. Joseph, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Monica and St. Augustine are presented as models of Charity, Chastity, Diligence, Humility, Kindness, Patience and Temperance. The last chapter explains how we are all called to imitate the saints and become saints ourselves!

Super Girls and Halos (Maria Morera Johnson) Book REVIEW

  • I really enjoy Maria’s writing style and how intensely she has examined the Super Girls of our generation, presenting their virtue while acknowledging their flaws. I like how Maria compares Super Girls and Female Saints and their shared sense of mission to protect the weak and the vulnerable…recognizing that Saints are also trying to fulfil God’s Will for them.

Scholar Research Saints Books

saints books for research

Our Sunday Visitor’s Encyclopedia of Saints (revised)

  • This is the first-ever compendium on virtually the whole of the Catholic Church’s teachings on the Communion of Saints. It is one of the most comprehensive, alphabetical and up-to-date listings of both famous and extremely obscure saints (and blessed) with significant dates and facts. Where appropriate, the saints are cross-referenced to indicate the connections between them.

The Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints (Jacobus de Voragine)

  • Over 180 Saints and Feast Days are described in extensive detail with both factual and fictional stories, explaining many legends and traditions of the Church.

Have I missed YOUR favorite Saints Book? Please list it in the comments!


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