Review: My First Book of Saints

First Book of Saints cover

My First Book of Saints is a great little hardcover book profiling 62 saints in an easy-to-read format.

The full page illustrations are nice and colorful and the extra little text box on each biography summarizes where and when the saint lived and the Feast Day we have to celebrate the saint’s life, and is highlighted for easy reference.First Book of Saints St Joseph

I like the easy-to-read biography and the simple prayer or reminder of how we can follow the saint’s example in holiness. I think the reading level must be about grade 1-3. I know my 7 year old has no problem reading it to her little brother Adam.  I’m still looking for good books to keep my 3 year old Adam as quiet as possible during Mass. This book is going to be at the top of the pile! It’s a great size and packed with pictures….just maybe a little too tempting for my 7 year old who should be able to listen at Mass.

First Book of Saints inside cover

I think that this would be an excellent gift for First Reconciliation or First Holy Communion! There is just the right amount of information embellished by bright and colorful illustrations to inspire our kids and foster love for the Saints!

I’m always thinking about new ways to use Saints books for kids, to help foster devotion to the saints, enticing them to research their favorite saints and record new-found info for easy  study and inspiration! I like the simplicity of this book and will be recommending its use for 7-9 year olds…especially for use with a NEW Cathletics Craft Kit I hope to release later this week!

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