Super Girls and Halos: {Book Review} and #supergirlsandhalos Blog Tour!

I had the super opportunity to received the book Super Girls and Halos by Maria Morera Johnson  (in exchange for my honest review) and I am pleased to be part of this grand #supergirlsandhalos International Blog Tour!

First of all, this book is awesome.  It appeals to both my love for the SAINTS, the holy heroes of our Catholic Faith AND connects them to heroes of some of our favorite movies and television series!

I really enjoy Maria’s writing style and how intensely she has examined the Super Girls of our generation, presenting their virtue while acknowledging their flaws. I like how Maria compares Super Girls and Female Saints and their shared sense of mission to protect the weak and the vulnerable…recognizing that Saints are also trying to fulfil God’s Will for them.

Oh, right….that’s what we’re hopefully aspiring to as well!

Some of the Super Girls and Female Saints were not familiar to me, but Maria’s book makes me want to research them for myself …in the Lives of the Saints …and Netflix.


Who is a SuperGirl Saint in your life? What virtue has she helped you with? This is the pressing question of the #supergirlsandhalos International Blog Tour! Please share your answer in the comments!


My favorite SuperGirl Saint is, predictably St. Therese. She’s pretty popular and most people know about her Little Way and her promise to do good on earth even after her death, sending roses along with answered prayers. I didn’t always appreciate St. Therese though. At first she seemed a little unrelatable…a little too saint-like from her early childhood right to the short end of her sheltered life. But then I read this book.

Her Little Way of offering good deeds and sacrifices for love of God is simple, yet profound.  In fact, I see all three of the Theological Virtues in her: Faith, Hope and Love.

I bet Maria saw more than one virtue in many of the Super Girls and Saints she presents, but I like her discipline to focus on just one virtue or specific manifestation for each and how she can relate.  St. Therese defined holiness as “a disposition of the heart which makes us humble and small in the Arms of God, conscious of our weakness, and confident to the point of audacity in the Goodness of our Father” (I Believe in Love, p20).  I think that that’s her super power, her specific brand of Faith, Hope and Love: humility paired with confidence in God’s Love.

Recently, I was spiritually directed to not only recognize my sin, my littleness, my struggle…but to actually rejoice in it. This seemed strange to me at first and it took me a while to wrap my head around it. It’s actually straight out of the Teaching from St. Therese.  The littler I become…as St. Therese would attest, the more eager Jesus is to pick me up. “What I cannot do myself Jesus will do. He will take me and lift me up to the summit of the mountain of perfection, to the summit of the mountain of love.” (I Believe in Love, p28)

I had to ask for my daughter’s help to pair St. Therese with a SuperGirl in one of our favorite family movies and she came up with a brilliant pairing! Lucy Pevensie of Narnia is small, but mighty. She is the first to discover the World of Narnia. She is thoughtful, faithful and kind, quick to forgive her brother Edmund….and humble and completely confident in Aslan’s love for her.

Who is YOUR SuperGirl Saint? Share in the comments below!

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  1. What is the age recommendation for this book?

    • I love the book…it’s great for me in my 40s but I expect that my teenage daughters would love the book as well given how much they love movies and the saints!

  2. I LOVE Lucy for this! How perfect! Her faithfulness in following Aslan when no one else believed he was there was so inspiring and brave.

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