Works of Mercy Craft Kit

Works of Mercy

Works of Mercy Craft Kit

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This Works of Mercy Craft Kit is available as a comprehensive PDF craft kit to print and it comes with permission to copy for use at home or in the classroom!

30 pages of templates featuring Kelly SaintsTM images with explanations of each saint’s association with the Works of Mercy! Make a Tabletop Carousel, Double-Feature Accordion Book, Board Book, Buttons, Badges, Cake Toppers, Votive Candles, Stamps, Prayer Cards, a Coloring Book or Matching Game…with the 4 varied format templates and instructions within this kit!

Accordion Works of Mercy

Make a Works of Mercy Accordion Book for your kitchen table: Spiritual Works on one side, Corporal Works on the other! Great conversation starters and what better mentors for the Works of Mercy!?


painting saints

Paint the Saints! Black and White templates are awesome for coloring with pencil crayons or watercolor paints!

Mod-podge the colored images onto clean recycled glass jars for Works of Mercy Votive Candles! Perfect for the Year of Mercy!

Works of Mercy Carousel

The Works of Mercy Carousel easily assembles to include prayers…and the explanations tying each saint to a particular Work of Mercy.

Make one for the Spiritual Works and one for the Corporal Works, or mix them all into one!

Lots of food for thought…and takes up pretty little space! Folds flat for storage!

Mother of Mercy

We came up with our own Mother of Mercy icon with Baby Divine Mercy Jesus. Pretty cute, eh?


Lots of templates…and lots of ways to use them!

It’s not too late to celebrate the Year of Mercy!


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