How to STAGE and STORE your Printable/Painted Saints!


The Little Wooden Painted Saints are so cute and we’re building quite the collection, outgrowing a couple storage boxes I’ve found for them.

In case you have been building your collection, but don’t know quite how to stage and store your Printable/Painted Saints…here are some ideas!

First of all, you will notice that the Wooden Painted Saints we create here at Equipping Catholic Families…are the smaller 1.75″ size. They are AWESOME for blending into Lego sets, Fisher Price playsets…and most of the little buildings you already have!


Feast of Christ the King castle It seems that we have been collecting Fisher Price castles…and the Saints are quite at home there too!Adam and the Saints castle

Maybe you’d like a quick little storage solution…and in that case, pretty much any shoe box or Dollar Store tub will do the trick. The mod podge or varnish coating on the little wooden dolls will really help to protect them from getting scratched and worn.

army of wooden painted saints

On occasion, I have found some perfect little wooden shelves at the Dollar Store, but as our collection of painted saints is growing, we can’t promise a spot for every one of them on this shelf!

Dollar Store Wooden Shelf

While all of our purchased, plastic Fisher Price and other play sets are awesome, ready-to-use sets and stages, we have never had a toy Church…so we decided to make one.

Actually we made two.

wooden barn church This unpainted craft building was actually a barn that we converted to a Church with our Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit!

It’s perfect for our little painted dolls…although it might get a little crowded (but not impossible!) for the larger 3.5″ sized dolls.

inside wooden barn church

We discovered that not everyone could find the wood barn at Michaels craft store, so we found a way to make a second Church with a (family size) Goldfish Cracker Box.  The tutorial and printable is all included in the same Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit!  You could transform just about any box or tub into a Church, Chapel or Cathedral with this kit!

recycled box church

Egg Carton Passion Play 2015

In light of the Passion set of Printable Peg Dolls and the Easter Set of Printable Peg Dolls that we’ve been making, we found an Egg Carton to be a great stage set for all the events of a Peg People Passion Play…with our smaller peg dolls.


A couple years ago, we made a Passion Play with true peg dolls with a plastic ice cream tub! Check out the Wooden Peg Passion Play!

ice cream tub painted saints

This year…we spruced up the tub with a little extra paint and offered it to the new little Printable Peg Dolls!

(Yes, we enlarged and photoshopped a peg doll to show the proportion of the bigger size peg with the tub.)

3.5 Easter Wooden dolls in an ice cream tub

Photo used with permission from Lacy at Catholic Icing


Lacy (of Catholic Icing) and her family graciously polished off a tub of ice cream just so that she could tell me how many 3.5″ saints fit in an empty tomb. (OK, her family actually made Palm Sundaes a few days ago and happened to have the container ready for scientific testing. =) Way to live the Liturgical Calendar, Lacy….and thanks for your help!

She concluded that 16-18 of the bigger saints actually fit in this empty tub.

You can paint the exterior with any number of backdrops for peg doll play!  I found that the acrylic paint adheres pretty well to the plastic tub, if painted on kind of thick, allowed to dry and coated with varnish or mod podge.


3.5 Easter Wooden dolls with wooden tomb box

Photo used with permission from Lacy at Catholic Icing

Check out the awesome empty tomb box that Lacy made from a dollar store wooden box! I love how the big boulder slides open!

Easter Garden

Last, but not least…this Holy Week you will see many ideas and versions to make an Easter Garden…with soil and grass seed, clay or rice crispies!

Will YOUR painted or printable saints wander through your Easter Garden?

FREE CRAFT KIT OFFER : Send us a picture of YOUR painted or printable saints in your own Easter Garden and we will send YOU a FREE link to the Kelly Saints Cathedral Clipart Craft Kit!  You will be able to transform any box, crate or tub into a holy Church, with this printable!


Looking for a Spice Rack to house your 3.5″ Painted Saints?

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