Cat Grass Easter Garden Craft


grass kitI have never owned a cat and I really can’t say for sure what pet owners would use the Jiffy Cat Grass Kit for, but in the depths of Lent while we were still getting inches of snow, this was the best soil and seed pack I could find for the Easter Garden craft I’ve always wanted to make!


soil waferThe kit came with a little tray and plastic greenhouse cover, Cat Grass and a mysterious wafer of soil.

The instructions explained that the water should be added slowly and a pencil could be used to gently poke the mysterious wafer of soil.



soil before and afterI missed the part about adding the water gradually. The wafer took quite a bit of coaxing with a pencil to fall apart and puff up into recognizable soil.



cat grass seed 2With no shortage of egg cartons for my Egg Carton Crafts, I used one little egg cup to create the structure for the empty tomb.  I have no idea how long it will take for this egg carton to fall apart!




Cat grass is hardy soil! These thick seeds should have been a clue!


empty tomb kitI stirred up the soil and tried to cover all the cat grass seed with 1/4″ of soil.

The little plastic greenhouse cover fits nicely over the little tray after the seed has been planted and the soil is lightly sprayed with water.



sprouting grass kitWithin just 2 days, the cat grass began to sprout!



Just four days after planting, the long pine-needle-type grass has sprouted to about 1″ high.

Jesus in grass



Five days after planting, the cat grass is 1.5″-2″ high!  We will probably take the little greenhouse cover off for good and hope the kids will remember to lightly spray our Easter Garden, while we’ve been away at NCEA. We’re wondering just how high this cat grass will grow!

Jesus alive

We use Cat Grass for our Easter Garden with the Wooden Painted Saints. What do YOU use Cat Grass for?

What do other people do with cat grass?

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