Lent at Home

Looking for crafts to do at home, with what you have on hand?
We sifted through our archives and these are the simplest crafts we found. Many of the crafts are totally appropriate for LENT and the others are just in case you have any kids obsessed with Medieval Times.

Good Deed Bead Bracelets with pony beads and pipe cleaners

Good Deed Bead Bracelet with cord

Egg Carton People Passion Play*

Excellent $6 tutorial by Michelemademe:

Egg Carton People

Egg Carton Passion Play

Baby Jesus Doll made with a single sock, an elastic, felt scraps, and a sharpie.
OK, this one isn’t EXACTLY perfect for LENT, but it’s an awesome craft and may linger around the house from Advent to Candlemas.

Spiritual Bouquet with stickers, stamps or cutout images for each prayer of a decade of the Rosary


Instagram Prayer Journal

Heart Cross Banner


Weight of the Cross


Feast Day Plate

Edible Crown of Thorns with Pretzels

Crown of Thorns with Toothpicks







homemade armor


Castle and Marshmallow Catapult

Mini Cross Bow



















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