Weight of the Cross

It’s healthy to teach our kids to recognize their sin. Preparing for First Reconciliation, a child learns the Act of Contrition, recognizes what sins they struggle with and seeks to overcome them with God’s Grace. Check out our Reconciliation Prep Printable for Reconciliation prep, format, prayers and examination of conscience peek sheets.

We certainly have to correct them when they stray from safety rules or when they fight with each other. We want them to grow in virtue and to do so, we need to identify vice and sin and teach them how to love one another.

Weight of the CrossWeight of the Cross leads us to reflect on our sin, identify our sin and resolve to overcome our sin.

We each place a rock in the box, representing each sin we recognize in our lives and resolve to overcome. We may add a rock or pebble …or a couple of them each day throughout Lent, perhaps when we falter in our Lenten resolutions.

The box gets heavier throughout Lent as we feel the weight of our sins, passing around the box.

We wake up Easter Sunday and the rocks and pebbles have been lifted away for us through Jesus’ Death and Resurrection!

Maybe the rocks have been replaced with flowers…or maybe it’s empty like the Tomb!


This is a Lenten Activity from

A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families.


  1. I need to learn more about Catholicism. So excited to have found your blog. I will have to check it out more when I have more time…

  2. I have this book, and it is indeed a treasury, and I really encourage you to purchase this. It was even more than I expected. I didn’t get it free, and I am not getting anything for promoting it, other than the satisfaction that you will grow deeper in your Faith! Really–get the book!!

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