How Instagram helps me Prayer Journal

First of all, I apologize if I have included any of your original artwork in my photo collages. I have only included Instagram post screenshots that I absolutely LOVE and I hope that you will consider posting your Instagram handle in the comments, so that others will follow you as well. Be assured that I would never use anyone else’s original artwork in any products to be sold.

This post explains how YOUR artwork posted on Instagram inspires me to PRAY and to create a very powerful PRAYER TOOL, offering prompts to pray in my PRAYER JOURNAL.

See what I did here? We all know that there are dangers to mindless scrolling through social media, but we’ve all seen inspiring posts on Instagram that we’ve wished we could share and more importantly retain and remember to enhance our own prayer life! I am in the habit of screen-shot capturing my favorite posts on Instagram and filing the photos in a special folder.

Every once in a while, I send them to my computer, make a collage out of them, print them off and cut them out to place within my Prayer-Loom Prayer Journal.

It’s in this Dollarstore notebook, that I glue Catholic artwork, Scripture Word Art, Saints quotes, Prayer Cards and rewritten (or photocopied) excerpts out of my daily prayer journal.  I haven’t shown many people this Prayer-Loom Prayer Journal, because of the personal prayers I have transcribed into it, but the few people I have shown have actually called it an Heirloom, I could leave to my kids.

It’s an Heirloom, I could leave to my kids.

I like the fact that I just keep adding to it over time. There is no organization to it, I just place the pictures and prayers randomly throughout the book. When I transcribe a prayer or insight out of my regular prayer journal, I date it. If any of the images or prayers I find on IG have a particular significance in my life, I might add a date or a note as I add it to the book.

When I need a little boost to my prayer journaling time, I might flip through the pages of the Prayer-Loom Prayer Journal until something catches my eye…or my heart!

I definitely don’t rush this Prayer-Loom Prayer Journal! I only add to it every now and then and only add as many images or prayers as I want to.

The rest of the cut prayers and pics are filed in this little box, for the next time I’d like to work on it.

Care to recommend any Instagram accounts to follow for inspiring prayers and Catholic artwork?

I strongly recommend

Again, please support these artists and purchase prints for high quality framed art for your Catholic Home! I like to include their IG tag wherever possible when I print the thumbnails so that I know where to find them when I’m ready to purchase.

Please leave a comment with your IG tag, if you like to post on IG to inspire more prayer and if you’d like to find new followers who appreciate your Catholic art!  If you see your Catholic artwork in the above photos, please comment or contact me so that I can give you credit and/or recommend your IG account to others!

BTW, I also have a Catholic Craft Kit to make one of these for your favorite Sacrament candidate!

The Prayer-Loom Prayer Book Craft Kit features 7 pages of prayers and illustrated prayer cards (only my own artwork!), a Faith mentor template to record insights and prayers from loved ones, along with helpful tips and links to make this Heirloom Prayer-Loom Prayer Book as a keepsake Sacrament gift and prayer journal.

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