Egg Carton Passion Play Crafts for Holy Week

Egg Carton Mary 2

Egg Carton Passion Play

A few years ago I was making these Egg Carton characters, inspired by  Michele Made Me.

These are SO CUTE and fun to make!!

I decided to start my Egg Carton Communion of Saints with Mother Mary. Michele has an Egg Carton Nativity set that is awesome and I only strayed a little to make my Mother Mary. I needed to add her signature blue veil and a shiny halo.


I’m not going to give away all the handy tips from Michele’s tutorials, but these are my pictures of the Egg Carton Mother Mary supplies and process.

So basically, I used scissors and glue and a couple elastics to hold the glued pieces of egg carton in place.


Michele has figured out how to make the little figures with the different forms you’ll find in an egg carton. You will never see egg cartons the same way again!


After the pieces were glued and dry, I painted them.


Once they were dry I could assemble the pieces.



Egg Carton Mary 2 sizes

I originally made Mother Mary pretty tall, using as much of the egg carton cup as I could to construct the body.

I then decided that she was too tall! I decided that I wanted the flexibility of adding taller saints…and I suspected she might look even cuter if she was a little shorter and…dare I say…a little chubbier? I was a little nervous as I cut the 2 pieces of the body apart, but I like the final result. She reminds me of the Fisher Price Little People TM  but she stands about 3.5″ tall.

I also made a couple knights, trying to make a mascot for our company name Arma Dei (Armor of God). These were also really fun to make and a regular ‘ol hole punch helps to create the chunky chainmail.

I painted with a toothpick for the tiny bolts and detail.

Once I had two knights, I made Jesus and they seem perfect for a Passion Play!

This year, I might make a couple more Egg Carton People to complete the Passion Play. An apostle or two, Pontius Pilate, Simon of Cyrene and maybe a couple bystanders who will double up on roles.

Do you have an extra egg carton?

I have quite a collection of little painted saints. When I say little, I mean that they are the 1-3/4″ small ones!  I was looking for a set for a passion play with my little painted saints along with the Passion Peg Dolls I made by reducing Lacy’s Printable Peg Doll templates. Just by painting the different egg molds of the carton, you can make a complete Way of the Cross or Passion Play set! I made the cross out of thin pieces of wood, but you could use popsicle sticks if you have them on hand. Jesus is secured to the cross with a tiny hair elastic (or rainbow loom elastic).

And, just for fun, here’s a picture of the first passion play set I made for my book A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families using long wooden pegs and an empty ice cream tub!

…and the same set in action

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