castle and catapult craft!

Here’s a great craft for Leap Year Day!

I have posted about this craft before and have used it at TWO medieval birthday parties…usually this time of year!  It’s a lot of fun to make and play with! 

All you need to make the castle is:
corrugated cardboard
foam pipe insulation
craft foam sheets or construction paper for trim
popsicle sticks
craft foam sheets,
scissors and a craft knife

Ammunition:  mini-marshmallows
*if you can’t play outside…lay down some plastic table clothes to catch flying mini-marshmallows…otherwise you (or your toddler!) will be finding them for months to come!

Check out the Castle and Catapult step-by-step instructions

Don’t panic if you don’t have plumbing pipe insulation on hand! You can use a skinny pool noodle or 4 empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls for the towers of the castle.  You can even make your own rolls of construction paper:  the thicker and tighter the “wall” of the roll, the stronger it will be.

Check out how we revisited this craft for another Medieval Birthday Party last year
with 10 year old boys

All you need to make the catapult is:
a glue gun
a popsicle stick
a wooden clothes peg
2 corks
a bottle cap
a lid or some cardboard for the base.   

I’m confident that you can substitute alot of other things for just about any of these items, except for maybe the clothes peg….check out the pictures from our Medieval Party last year!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I have a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old boy. And I know both would love the chance to build this and launch their own catapults. Thanks for sharing with NOBH! Smiles –

  2. Monica, This is funny to see, because we just finished creating 3 models of the three different castle types in our history study! We too had a catapult; very different but still fun! Thanks for sharing!! Hope you and the family are well, God Bless!

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