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Simple Good Deed Bead Key Chains

braceletWe have made the upscale suede cord bracelets that even adults wear and you can find the tutorial here: Good Deed Beads Bracelet Tutorial, but we find that these Simple Good Deed Bead Bracelets made with satin cord (or a shoelace!) are easier for little hands.

Good Deed Bead Supplies

You will need (per bracelet):

  • one satin cord or shoelace
  • (about 30″ long)
  • 10 pony beads
  • (color combo chosen by the child)
  • a safety pin
  • (and a cushion to pin it to)
  • a holy medal or plastic cross
  • (optional)

Good Deed Beads Safety Pin

1. Fold the cord in half, secure a simple knot about 1/2″ from the folded end.

2. Fasten the cord with the safety pin to a cushion to make it easier to thread the beads.





3. Thread each end of the cord into the bead in opposite directions. The cord will cross itself inside the bead.

Good Deed Bead cord ends(TIP: roll tape around each end of the satin cord to make crisp ‘shoelace ends” that won’t fray…to make the threading of the beads easier!)


4. Continue threading each of the 10 beads with both ends of the cord.

5. Tie a knot at least 1/2″ past the last of the 10 beads.

Add a holy medal or plastic cross and knot again.

Good Deed Beads tied

6. Leave enough loose cord after the medal or cross to tie the bracelet around the wrist.

Good Deed Beads BraceletThe Good Deed Bead Bracelet can be worn on the wrist.

Slide each bead in one direction, counting special prayers, good deeds or sacrifices made, one at a time. When all 10 beads are pushed to one side, begin sliding each bead in the other direction. Keep counting those prayers, good deeds and sacrifices!


The bracelet is also a great visual reminder to stick with our Lenten resolutions!

***2014 Update***
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  1. So beautiful may the LORD blessed your union in Jesus

  2. Love your beads Monica! I linked back to this post on my St. Therese post here: Thanks!

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