Lent Crafts

Looking for crafts to do at home, with what you have on hand?

We sifted through our archives and these are the simplest crafts we found for Lent!

Good Deed Bead Bracelets with pony beads and pipe cleaners

Good Deed Bead Bracelets with pony beads and pipe cleaners make an easy bracelet with a built-in prayer or sacrifice counter! 10 beads make a decade, space an additional 5 for the five decades and wear the bracelet all Lent with renewed dedication to the Rosary!

Good Deed Bead Bracelet with cord



Alternatively, a Good Deed Bead Bracelet can be made with durable paracord or delicate but sturdy satin cord. The cord is threaded through both sides of each pony bead, allowing the beads to slide and stay in place to keep track of prayers and sacrifices.







The Egg Carton Passion Play is a classic! Our 1.25″ peg people fit perfectly within the Egg Carton set and the number of participants in the Passion Play is only limited by the number of characters you want to paint!

Egg Carton Passion Play



The Egg Carton People are a whole other layer of fun! I originally found the directions here and tweaked my collection to include Mary and St John Paul II.






We’ve got lots of prayer-packed crafts with the

All Season Prayer Bank with over 100 special already-formatted prayer cards

Advent & Lent Challenge Chain (with Saints, Prayer and Catechism) 

Divine Mercy Craft Kit packed with prayers and illustrations and prayer-counters

Divine Mercy Abacus with Novena

Gospel Graces: Prompt Me to Pray through the Gospels of Lent Premium Craft Kit

Hands-On Prayer Counters with the Rosary, Stations of the Cross and Divine Mercy


Spiritual Bouquet of Prayer Petal Flowers,
where you construct a flower of with 10 prayer petals, each flower is one decade of the Rosary or one decade of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Spiritual Bouquet with stickers, stamps or cutout images for each prayer of a decade of the Rosary



If this is the Lent you want to restart your Prayer Journal, we have lots of Craft Kits with Prompts to Pray and illustrated Prayer Cards!

Check out the Prayer Journal Prompts (Special Bundle)


Prayer Journal Prompts and Prayers

…aaaand if you’re looking for some Lenten crafts, particularly from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families, with stuff you already have on hand, you can search them up at Equipping Catholic Families!

Instagram Prayer Journal

Heart Cross Banner


Weight of the Cross


Feast Day Plate

Edible Crown of Thorns with Pretzels

Crown of Thorns with Toothpicks









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