Review: A Missal for Little Ones

Review: A Missal for Little Ones

Available at Magnificat/Ignatius Press

This is a beautiful little Missal for kids. The pictures are cute and colorful, making the Missal a helpful book for little ones who cannot yet read. Although the Missal does not offer more than short snippets of the official responses, it offers simple explanations of each part of the Mass, likely more engaging and helpful to guide young readers through the Mystery of the Mass.

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Feast Day Fun: St Joseph the Worker!

Feast Day Crafts and Activities

Excerpts from A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families , various posts at Equipping Catholic Families and our Saint Scripts Craft Kits (Series ONE and TWO). Although we enjoyed the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19, May 1st is the Feast of the SAME St. Joseph, this time focusing on the Worker. St Joseph was humble, pure, gentle and wise, protecting the Holy Family. He walked by Faith, taking Mary as his wife and guiding and protecting the Baby Jesus, heeding the instructions from the Angel of the Lord. He worked humbly and diligently as a carpenter, to provide for his family. It is believed that Joseph died peacefully in the Arms of Jesus and Mary.   One of the symbols of Saint Joseph is the lily in honor of his purity, so we present the Handprint Lilies craft!   A couple years ago, we turned a couple of on-clearance TY dolls into Saints…like St. Patrick, Mother Mary, Jesus, St John Paul II. Here is my St. Joseph…and the St Joseph made by friend Lucia who inspired me with her idea and even sent me a doll (St John Paul II) along with these cute little tools she found!

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Making Crosses: Review

Making Crosses: A Creative Connection to God

by Ellen Morris Prewitt

This is a book I’ve had for a couple years…and it’s actually PERFECT timing for a thoughtful, reflective craft for Holy Week!

“Ellen Prewitt takes found and abandoned objects and turns them into crosses. In this loving, step-by-step invitation to join her, she turns her words of explanation into an experience of worship.  The making of crosses with their ‘discarded bits of brokenness’ becomes a physical way to offer our broken selves to the God who loves, redeems, and repairs us.” (Sybil MacBeth quote on back cover)

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Sacred Silence: Review

Sacred Silence: Daily Meditations for Lent

by Phyllis Zagano

This is a neat little book of reflections for each day of Lent. I began reading this book on Ash Wednesday. The first reflection describes the need for silence in prayer, because how else will we be questioned with questions we may not be able to answer, if we never stop talking!?

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40 Days, 40 Ways Review

OK, so I realize HOW late I am posting this review I wrote weeks ago! So sorry!

40 Days, 40 Ways: A New Look at Lent 

by Marcellino D’Ambrosio

This really is a great book and has helped us take a new look at Lent this year.

“Fasting breaks undue attachments…humble service breaks the stranglehold of pride. The reverent worship of authentic Faith releases us from superstition, magic, and all arrogant pride. And the Word of God…slashes through the lies of the enemy.”

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Feast Day Fun: Bambinelli Sunday

We were inspired by the book Bambinelli Sunday. See Bridget’s review below!

We decided to take advantage of the SNOW DAY … and make our own Bambinelli.

I was intrigued by 2 different homemade recipes for dough I found online: one for salt/flour dough and one for corn starch/baking soda dough. The corn starch dough made a cool kind of dough and it’s nice and smooth and bright white, but we must have done something wrong, because it will not keep its’ shape.  The trusty salt dough was easier to work with and even though it can get a little crumbly, we like how our Bambinelli turned out.

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Bridget’s Review of a Very Good Book

Clare’s Costly Cookie by Julie Kelly, illustrated by Mary MacArthur.

Review by Bridget McConkey, age 8.

Clare’s Costly Cookie is a very nice book. I like how it’s about a girl growing closer and closer to God, but it’s not only about her praying to God and getting closer to God, but Clare even has these Saint cards that she tells you about.  For example, St. Agnes. She was young and very beautiful so many people wanted to marry her but she always refused.  When she refused to marry a prince, the king tried to ask her but she refused again and said that her heart was for God.  Then he got angry and ordered for her to be killed.

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Advent Activity Gallery

Advent starts on Sunday! Are you ready?

I’ve been working on organizing a directory of Advent activities and crafts! This is what I have so far…but I will be adding to it!

[print_gllr id=8138]

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Advent Books: The Season of the Nativity

The Season of the Nativity by Sybil MacBeth has just been released by Paraclete Press (publisher for Dragon Slayers, another favorite book of ours here at Equipping Catholic Families).

While the book is not specifically Catholic, the self-confessed Advent, Christmas and Epiphany Extremist (author) does an incredible job of mapping out thoughtful and spiritual practices to keep the meaning in Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. The author was introduced to Advent and the Liturgical Calendar from the Episcopalian perspective…and she seems to have retained a love for  the Liturgical Calendar and the rich traditions that unfold throughout the seasons and are modeled by the Saints.

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Advent Books: A Eucharistic Christmas

A Eucharistic Christmas: Advent Meditations on the Presence of Christ is a beautiful book of reflections beginning December 1 and spanning to January 6, focusing on the True Presence of Jesus. Each day brings a thoughtful reflection written by a well-known Catholic author, a crisp and clear thought for reflection or challenge and a beautiful, personal prayer to Jesus, present in the Blessed Sacrament.

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